In particular, settings you configure in the Default Domain Policy will apply to your domain controllers unless they are overwritten by settings in the Default Domain Controllers Policy.

Should default domain policy be apply to domain controllers?

If one domain controller has a specific policy setting, this policy setting should be applied to all domain controllers to ensure consistent behavior across a domain. The Default Domain Controllers Policy GPO is linked to the Domain Controllers OU.

What is the difference between default domain policy and domain controller policy?

The Default Domain Policy applies at the domain level so it affects all users and computers in the domain. Use the Default Domain Controller Policy for the User Rights Assignment Policy and Audit Policy only; put other settings in separate GPOs.

What are the policy for domain controller?

Domain controllers pull some security settings only from group policy objects linked to the root of the domain. Because domain controllers share the same account database for the domain, certain security settings must be set uniformly on all domain controllers.

Does a domain controller have a local policy?

Domain Controllers have their own local security policies, just like regular domain members do.

What is domain controller default GPO?

Default Domain Policy: A default GPO that is automatically created and linked to the domain whenever a server is promoted to a domain controller. It has the highest precedence of all GPOs linked to the domain, and it applies to all users and computers in the domain.

What should be in the default domain policy?

According to Microsoft training books the Default Domain Policy should only contain settings for password,account lockout, and kerberos policies. The Default domain controllers policy should contain your auditing policies.

How do I recreate the default domain controller policy?


  1. Log on as a domain administrator to a DC.
  2. Start a command session.
  3. To reset the Domain GPO, type dcgpofix /target:Domain To reset the Default DC GPO, type dcgpofix /target:DC To reset both the Domain and Default DC GPOs, type dcgpofix /target:both.

How do I add a GPO to a domain controller?

Link a Group Policy Object

  1. In GPMC, right click the Domain Controllers OU under Domains and select Link an Existing GPO… from the menu.
  2. In the Select GPO dialog under Group Policy Objects, select the GPO you want to link and click OK.
  3. Now click the Domain Controllers OU in the left pane.

Where is all Group Policy in domain controller?

To see the inventory of all GPOs configured under a Domain: Go to the left pane of the GPMC. Under “Forest”: Select the “Domain” > and go to “Group Policy Objects.” Here, you’ll notice two types of default GPOs: The Default Domain Policy and the Default Domain Controllers Policy.

How often do domain controllers download Group Policy settings?

Domain controllers download Group Policy settings every five minutes.

What are the default groups of Active Directory?

Default groups, such as the Domain Admins group, are security groups that are created automatically when you create an Active Directory domain. You can use these predefined groups to help control access to shared resources and to delegate specific domain-wide administrative roles.

How do I see what Group Policy is applied?

By executing the command gpresult.exe, the administrator of the OS can locate the group policies applied on the computer along with the redirected folders and the registry settings on that system. gpresult Command: To see the Gpresult commands, go to the command prompt and type the command: “gpresult /?”

What is the difference between Rsop and Gpresult?

GPResult is a command line tool that shows the Resultant Set of Policy (RsoP) information for a user and computer. In other words, it creates a report that displays what group policy objects are applied to a user and computer.

Why is GPO not applied?

Managing Enabled GPO Links

Any GPO object linked to an AD organizational unit can have the Link Enabled option turned on or off. If the link is disabled, its icon becomes gray. When the link is disabled, the policy is not applied to the clients, but the link to the GPO object is not removed from the domain hierarchy.