1.4 x 1.4 x 0.24 inches

Model Tile Mate Tile Pro
Size 1.4 x 1.4 x 0.24 inches 1.6 x 1.6 x 0.26 inches
Weight 0.2 ounces 0.5 ounces
Listed Range Up to 150 feet Up to 300 feet
Alarm Volume 119 db 128 db

How big is Tile tracker?

Check out the newest additions to the Tile Lineup

PRO Long-range, powerful tracker for your things MATE Versatile tracker for keys and more
DIMENSIONS (mm) 58 x 32 x 7.5 37.8 x 37.8 x 7.1
WEIGHT (grams) 14 8
RANGE (Up to) 400 ft 250 ft
VOLUME Loudest Louder

What is the distance for the Tile Mate?

Tile Mate – 250 Feet – The Tile Mate has a range of up to 250 feet, making it well-suited for a wide range of uses, especially around the house.

What is the smallest Tile tracker?

Gallery: Tile 2019 lineup | 11 Photos. The Sticker is by far the smallest Tile yet. Measuring 27mm in diameter and 7.3mm thick, it’s shaped like a tiny disc. That makes it a lot more versatile than the other Tile trackers, and more practical for items like cameras, headphones and remote controls.

Will Tile Mate fit in wallet?

The Mate is small enough that you can feasibly clip it to your wayward cat’s collar. The Slim—almost precisely the thickness of three credit cards (not two as claimed)—slips into a wallet or passport holder, something the original could never achieve.

How big is a Tile?

Standard floor tile sizes range from just two inches wide to a foot and a half. Now, the more common and fashionable sizes include 12”×12”, 18”×18”, 12”×24”, and even larger dimensions for floor tiles, and 8”×10” and bigger for wall tiles.

Can Tile be used as a GPS tracker?

Your Tile uses Bluetooth technology to make a connection with the app on your device. Once the Tile is within Bluetooth range and the connection is established, it relies on the GPS location services of your device to update the location information in your app.

Which Tile has the longest range?

Tile claims the Pro has the longest range of its four trackers, reaching 400 feet via Bluetooth. (Unlike AirTags, Tiles don’t use ultra-wideband.)

What is the range of a Bluetooth tracker?

Bluetooth trackers are perfect for people who need a bit of help keeping track of their keys, wallet, or other important personal items. But keep in mind – pure Bluetooth trackers only work when the lost object is close to your phone, usually up to 30 – 40 meters.

Does Tile have a monthly fee?

Tile Premium costs $29.99 a year or $2.99 a month and covers an unlimited number of Tiles.

Can Tile run off battery?

If your Tile battery has run out of power, you’ll need to get a new one depending on the Tile model. For Pro- You can order a replacement battery online from most retailers, like Amazon, or simply buy a new battery from a store near you. Tile recommends Energizer and Duracell brands for best results.

How big are Tile stickers?

Tile Sticker: Design and features

The Tile Sticker is the smallest device in the Tile family — a little less than 1.1 inches in circumference and a little more than 0.28 inches tall.

Can I put Tile Slim in phone case?

If you’re a perpetual loser of things, you should snap up one of these Tile Slim trackers while it’s on sale for under $14.49 plus free shipping. The skinny tracker is perfect to slide into a compartment of your wallet or behind a phone case.

How big is Tile Slim?

2.1 by 3.4 by 0.1 inches

The Tile Slim is about the same height and length as a credit card, but twice as thick. It measures 2.1 by 3.4 by 0.1 inches (HWD) and is easy to slide into a wallet or handbag without creating extra bulk.

Does Tile Slim make noise?

A button on the Tile Slim will make the user’s phone make noise, even if that phone is on silent. This device also works with the same lost-and-found feature as the most recent Tile. If the user loses an object with a Tile, that user can tap the “Notify When Found” button for that Tile in their smartphone app.

Does Tile work for lost phone?

If you lost your phone far away, finding it is still easy. Log into the Tile app to see its last known location to make it ring or to send a lock-screen message to the friendly folks who might find it.

Does Tile work without WiFi?

You do not need a data connection (cellular or WiFi) to:

Ring your Tile (requires Bluetooth only)

Can I use a Tile I found?

New Tile trackers, like the 2022 Tile Pro, Tile Mate, and Tile Slim now feature QR codes printed right on the back. Anyone who finds a lost Tile tracker can then simply scan the QR code using their smartphone and get the provided contact details of the owner so they can safely return the item.

Does Tile make a sound?

Quote from the video:
Quote from video: So if you ever hear the sound it's not because you're out of battery. It's because the tile can't find a phone. So if you ever hear something like this you gotta have to go through your phones.

Can a Tile track a car?

Tile makes car tracking affordable and easy. All you have to do is pick any Tile tracker (we recommend the Tile Pro for maximum power) and pop it in your glove box or under a car seat. Then, simply download the Tile app, which is available for both iOS and Android.

Can Tile track stolen items?

The device can be attached to almost anything and then tracked via a free app on a smartphone or tablet. The main purpose is to help you find things that are often misplaced, but can also be used to locate things that have been lost or stolen – making it a useful gadget for a private investigator.