Go to mail.gmu.edu and select MasonLive Email or access your MasonLive account directly through the Outlook website. Log in with your full email address ([email protected]) and your MasonLive Microsoft Password (this is not your Patriot Pass Password).

How do I reset my MasonLive email?

How to Set/Reset a MasonLive Microsoft Password

  1. Go to password.gmu.edu.
  2. Select here to activate/reset your MasonLive Microsoft Account.
  3. On the Central Authentication Service page, log in using your Mason NetID and Patriot Pass Password.
  4. Click Continue on the MasonLive Password Management User Verification page.

How do I set up my GMU email?

Add Another Account

  1. Open the Menu > Settings > Add Account > Add Email Account.
  2. Enter your full Mason email address, then click Continue.
  3. Enter your Patriot Pass Password and click Sign In.

Does GMU email expire?

After six months, there is a three session limit and an hourly fee for one-on-one sessions. How long can I keep my Mason e-mail address? Alumni who graduated after Dec 2010 have continued access to lifetime MASONLIVE email. You should access your account directly from the Microsoft’s Office 365 website.

How do I update my MasonLive display name?

If you wish to change the display name associated with your e-mail address, you need to request help from the ITS Support Center requesting that your display name be updated to reflect your chosen name.

What is Mason live email?

MasonLive is the email system for alumni at George Mason University. MasonLive is limited to former Mason students whose accounts have not been migrated to Office 365 Email. Powered by Microsoft, MasonLive offers an impressive collection of features, including: A 50 GB mailbox.

How do I download my unofficial transcript from Mason?

Current Students (or students with a Mason NetID and password) may get their unofficial transcripts by following the steps below:

  1. Log on to Patriot Web.
  2. Select Student Services.
  3. Select Student Records.
  4. Select View your Unofficial Transcript.
  5. Select the Transcript Level and the Transcript Type.
  6. Select Display MASON Transcript.

How do I set up my GMU email on my Iphone?

Use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) with Mail for iOS (Not Supported)

  1. Navigate to Settings > Accounts & Passwords.
  2. Click Add Account.
  3. Select Exchange as your account type.
  4. Enter your full Mason email address ([email protected]) and add a description such as Mason Email, then click Next.

What is my GMU email address?

Accessing your GMU Email

Under the Personal Information tab, one of the choices is “View Email Address”. Click on that choice to find out your assigned gmu email address. To access your gmu email, go to mail.gmu.edu and click on the Faculty & Staff email box.

What is my George Mason email address?


Email Address: [email protected]
Password: MASONLIVE Microsoft Password

How do I change my GMU password?

Change Your Password

  1. Log in to password.gmu.edu.
  2. Select Change Password in the menu in the upper left-hand corner of the page or select Update under the Password section.
  3. Follow the prompts to change your password.

Can freshman have cars at GMU?

Freshman Resident: Students can purchase any permit except the General and Lot M/P permits. They can also select the “Resident Lite” permit option, which is valid in Lots K, M, O, and P. Off Campus Freshman: Students can buy the “General Lot” permit option.

Is Lot K free on weekends gmu?

Complimentary weekend Lot K permits may be purchased at no cost online at parking.gmu.edu.

How much is a parking permit at George Mason University?

SUMMER 2022 OFF-CAMPUS STUDENT PERMIT RATES (PDF) Valid Dates: May 1 – August 15, 2022

Parking Locations Fairfax/SciTech* General Permit
West Campus & General Lots M, O, P** All Day
General Lots A, C, K, L, and PV All Day