Set Up a Billing Alert

  1. Scroll back to the top of the page and click subscriptions.
  2. Click the Azure subscription you want to set up an alert for on the subscriptions page.
  3. Click ALERTS below Summary for <Your Subscription Name>
  4. On the Alerts page, click + add alert.

How do I change my Azure budget alert?

To view cost alerts, open the desired scope in the Azure portal and select Budgets in the menu. Use the Scope pill to switch to a different scope. Select Cost alerts in the menu.

How do I change my Azure billing profile?

Sign in to the Azure portal using the email address, which has an owner or a contributor role on a billing account or a billing profile for an MCA. Search for Cost Management + Billing. Select Billing profiles from the left-hand side. Select a billing profile to update the billing address.

How do I manage Azure alerts?

Create with Azure portal

  1. In Azure portal, click on Monitor. …
  2. Click Alerts, then expand the + Create menu and select Alert rule. …
  3. In the Scope tab, click Select scope. …
  4. If the selected resource has metrics you can create alert rules on, Available signal types on the bottom right will include metrics.

How do I change the alert name in Azure?

View and manage in the Azure portal

  1. In the Azure portal, select Monitor > Alerts. Then select Alert rules. …
  2. Filter or search for the activity log rule to modify. …
  3. Select the alert rule to open it for editing.

How do I give permission to Azure subscription?

Azure Assign User to Subscription

  1. Go to
  2. Search for subscriptions and select the subscription you want to give access to.
  3. On the left-hand side, click on Access Control (IAM)
  4. Click Add.
  5. Add permissions blade will appear.
  6. Select the role you wish to assign and type in the email address.

How can you monitor the cost of the consumed Azure services?

On the Azure Cost Management + Billing page of Azure portal, you can find options that help you understand your Azure spending, billing, monitor and control Azure spending and optimize resource use. To access Cost Management in Azure and search for Cost Management and select the Cost Management option.

How do I manage my Azure subscriptions?

Quote from the video:
Quote from video: In an azure account. The account administrator can also create new subscriptions and cancel existing. Ones account administrators can change the billing. For a subscription.

How do I check my Azure billing?

Sign in to the Azure portal. Search on Cost Management + Billing. If you have access to just one billing scope, select Properties from the left-hand side. The Billing account type on the properties page determines the type of your account.

What is Azure billing profile?

Billing profile

The invoice contains charges for Azure usage and other purchases from the previous month. A billing profile is automatically created along with your billing account when you sign up for Azure. You may create additional billing profiles to organize your costs in multiple monthly invoices.

How do I set up notifications in Azure?

Configure email notifications

In the Azure portal, search for and select Azure AD Domain Services. Select your managed domain, such as On the left-hand side of the Azure AD DS resource window, select Notification settings. The existing recipients for email notifications are shown.

How do I add alerts to Azure dashboard?


  1. Getting Started. Go to Azure monitor. …
  2. Create a new alert. To create a new alert, click on the ‘+ New alert rule’. …
  3. Select a resource. …
  4. Configure the condition. …
  5. Select the signal. …
  6. Set the threshold sensitivity. …
  7. Dynamic threshold. …
  8. Create / Select an ‘action group’

How do I configure Azure alert signal logic?

Create an alert rule on a metric with the Azure portal

Select the New alert rule button to open the Create rule page. In the Condition section, click Add. In the Configure signal logic page, select a signal. After selecting a signal, such as CPU percentage, the Configure signal logic page appears.

Where are Azure alert rules?

To show the Rules page, select Manage alert rules. The Rules page is a single place for managing all alert rules across your Azure subscriptions. It lists all alert rules and can be sorted based on target resources, resource groups, rule name, or status. You can also edit, enable, or disable alert rules from this page.

What is alert notification?

Alert messaging (or alert notification) is machine-to-person communication that is important or time sensitive. An alert may be a calendar reminder or a notification of a new message.

How do I set up alerts in application insights?

Setup Alert

  1. Go to Application Insight resource and click “Alerts” in “Monitoring” section.
  2. Click “+ New alert rule”.
  3. Make sure “Resource” has your application insights with correct hierarchy. …
  4. Here I can select which “signal” I want to alert against.

Can Azure Monitor send alerts?

Azure Application Insights allows you to monitor your application and send you alerts when it is either unavailable, experiencing failures, or suffering from performance issues.

What is alert rule in Azure?

Each alert processing rule has a scope. A scope is a list of one or more specific Azure resources, or specific resource group, or an entire subscription. The alert processing rule will apply to alerts that fired on resources within that scope.

How do I send Azure email alerts?

Click on Email notifications. Enter an Email Address and then under Email notification settings click on On for Send email notification for high severity alerts and then click Save. And that’s it, you will now receive emails when High severity alerts happen in Azure Security Center.

How do I add a security alert in Azure?

Open the Azure Portal and sign in as a user who has Security Admin privileges. In the left pane, click Security Center. In the left pane of the Security Center window, under Detection, click Security Alerts. The Security Alerts dashboard appears.

How do you create an alert in log analytics workspace Azure?

Create a new log alert rule in the Azure portal

  1. In the portal, select the relevant resource. …
  2. In the Resource menu, select Logs.
  3. Write a query that will find the log events for which you want to create an alert. …
  4. From the top command bar, Select + New Alert rule.
  5. The Condition tab opens, populated with your log query.

What is Azure monitoring?

Azure Monitor helps you maximize the availability and performance of your applications and services. It delivers a comprehensive solution for collecting, analyzing, and acting on telemetry from your cloud and on-premises environments.

How many email addresses can be specified when configuring a billing alert?

You’ll notice that you get a total of 5 alerts you can configure. Enter a name for the alert as well as the when the alert will fire. You can also nominate up to two email addresses this alert will be sent to.

What is Azure monitor logs?

Azure Monitor Logs is a feature of Azure Monitor that collects and organizes log and performance data from monitored resources.

What is the difference between Azure monitor and Azure service health?

Azure Monitor helps you understand how your applications are performing and proactively identifies issues affecting them and the resources they depend on. Azure Service Health helps you stay informed and take action when Azure service issues like outages and planned maintenance affect you.

How do I check my Azure health service?

How do I access Service Health? Sign in to the Azure portal and search for Service Health in the All services menu. Information is available for any subscription to which you have owner, contributor or reader access.

How does ASR work in Azure?

Azure Site Recovery (ASR) is a DRaaS offered by Azure for use in cloud and hybrid cloud architectures. A near-constant data replication process makes sure copies are in sync. The application consistent snapshot feature of Azure Site Recovery ensures that the data is in usable state after the failover.