In the toolbox, do one of the following: To draw a line or shape, select the Line tool , the Ellipse tool , the Rectangle tool , or the Polygon tool . (Click and hold the Rectangle tool to select either the Ellipse or Polygon tool.)

How do I change the shape of a polygon in InDesign?

Using the Polygon tool

  1. Select the Polygon tool in the Tools panel by selecting the Rectangle tool and holding down the mouse button until the menu pops up.
  2. Double-click the Polygon tool in the Tools panel. …
  3. In the Number of Sides text field, enter the number of sides you want the new polygon to have. …
  4. Click OK.

How do I edit a polygon tool?

Select the Polygon tool, and drag a shape on the artboard. The default polygon is six-sided, but you can drag its side widget to dynamically change the number of sides. Alternatively, click More options in the Transform section of the Properties panel, and use the slider or enter the number of sides.

How do I change tools in InDesign?

Change the toolbox layout

  1. Choose Edit > Preferences > Interface (Windows) or InDesign > Preferences > Interface (Mac OS).
  2. Choose a layout option from the Floating Tools Panel menu and click OK.

Where is the polygon tool in InDesign?

Polygon Tools can be found in two places on the Toolbar ; behind both the Rectangle Frame Tool and the Rectangle Tool. When you drag out a shape, the default number of sides is six. If you hold down the Shift key, while dragging, the planes of the polygon will be equal in length.

How do you use a Polygon tool?

Quote from video: First. Way is if I click and drag to start making this with my other hand if I use my up and down arrow keys. It actually increases or decreases the number of sides of the shape that I'm making.

How do you draw a Polygon tool?

Quote from the video:
Quote from video: Tool. Click on the Home tab.

How do I change shapes in InDesign?

Quote from the video:
Quote from video: And I got a polygon. But what I really wanted was a star shape. The reason I didn't get one is that the polygon command remembers. The options the last time a polygon was created and in this case it

What is a Polygon tool?

The polygon tool makes it easy to create more complex vector shapes like stars, triangles, hexagons and more. Control the number of sides a polygon has, and adjust the corner roundness all from the property inspector panel in Adobe XD.

How do you edit triangles in InDesign?

Double-click the Polygon tool in the Tools panel to open its options dialog box. Set it to 3 sides and a Star Inset to 0% and you’ve just defined a triangle. Click OK and drag the cursor out to create a triangle. Or hold down the Shift key while dragging to make a perfect, 60-degree-per-angle, triangle every time.

How do I create shapes in InDesign?

To create a shape, select one of the shape tools from the Toolbar, such as the rectangle tool, and click-and-drag to draw it. To create a proportionate shape, such as a circle or square, hold the Shift key while drawing. This will lock the aspect ratio and ensure all sides of the shape are the same length.

How do you make a curved triangle in InDesign?

You may create the triangle with the Polygon Tool, bundled with the Rectangle Tool (click and hover till the other tools fly out), then Effect>Stylize>Round Corners; you may Object>Expand Appearance if you wish to have the six anchor points.

How do you make an equilateral triangle in InDesign?

Quote from the video:
Quote from video: I'll go to the tools panel and choose either the polygon frame tool or the polygon tool and then double click on the tool to bring up the dialog box set the number of sides to 3 the star inset to 0.

How do you make a diamond shape in InDesign?

Choose the Selection tool (black arrow—tap the V key), and move your pointer near one of the square’s corners until it turns into a double-headed curved arrow, then press Shift and click/hold/drag to rotate. (The Shift key will constrain the angle, and you actually want 90°, not 45°.)

How do you make a trapezoid in InDesign?

Use Minus Front option to subtract the top part of the triangle and create the trapezoid.

How do you turn a shape into a frame in InDesign?

Go to the Window menu, scroll down to Object & Layout , and choose Pathfinder . To change the shape of a frame, select the frame in the layout, then click one of the shape buttons in the Convert section of the Pathfinder Panel.

What is the rectangle frame tool in InDesign?

Rectangle frame can be preferred for holding images (or act as image placeholders because of its appearance) since it can hold an image when a place cursor is hovered over it. By default, frames with rectangle tool have a stroke applied. By default, frames with rectangle tool have a stroke applied.

How do you use the scissor tool in InDesign?

The Scissors tool can also be used to split shapes:

  1. Select the shape with the Selection tool.
  2. Click the Scissors tool in the toolbar.
  3. Move the Scissors tool to the place you want to cut. …
  4. Click directly on the stroke of the shape.
  5. Move to a different position on the shape and click directly on the stroke of the shape.

How do I change the corners in InDesign?

Apply corner shapes using the Corner Options dialog box

  1. Using a selection tool, select a path.
  2. Choose Object > Corner Options.
  3. To apply the corner effect to all four corners of a rectangle, select the Make All Settings The Same icon . …
  4. Choose a corner effect and specify a size for one or more of the corners.

How do I cut a shape out of an image in InDesign?

The Scissors Tool InDesign Shortcut

Once you have your frame, go back and select the Scissors tool from the toolbar. Now, click a point on the image you want to cut, and then click another point along a path to start sectioning off the part of the image you want to crop by cutting it off.