Change the sample rate in Pro Tools

  1. Navigate to File, select Save As, then choose a name and location for your project.
  2. Close out of that project, then create a new one at the desired sample rate.
  3. With the new project open, navigate to File, select Import, then choose Import Session Data.

How do I fix playback speed in Pro Tools?

Quote from video: One way to do it is you can right click on the play button in the transport window and you'll get an option that says half speed. So I'll just click that and it'll stop playing in half speed.

How do I make Pro Tools track faster?

Quote from the video:
Quote from video: And what that will allow you to do is drag the clip and speed it up. So now it's a lot faster. And here was slower or the original speed now if we want to slow it down you just do the opposite.

How do I clean up my session on Pro Tools?

Step by step!

  1. Do a quick ‘Save As’ – add something like ‘cleaned up’ to the name. …
  2. Leaving your track to display waveforms (not playlists). …
  3. Shift select all tracks and hit ‘delete’ in the bottom right – This will delete all of the playlists that are not openly showing in your session.