Save a diagram as a PNG, JPG, SVG or EMF image

  1. Select File > Export.
  2. Under Export, select Change File Type.
  3. Under Save Drawing, in the Graphic File Types section, select the type of image file you want (PNG, JPG, EMF, or SVG).
  4. Select Save As.
  5. Navigate to the folder where you want to save the file, and then select Save.

How do I save a Visio document as a picture?

Save as an image file

Select File > Export. Select Change File Type. Select a file type. Select Save As.

How do I convert Visio files?

Export Visio shapes or drawings to another file format

  1. Do one of the following: …
  2. On the File menu, click Save As.
  3. Select the appropriate location where you want to save the file.
  4. In the Save as type list, click the format you want.
  5. In the File name box, type a name for the file.
  6. Click Save.

Can you convert a Visio file to PDF?

Quick steps to convert Visio to PDF.

Select File, then Export. Click Create PDF/XPS. Choose where you want to save your file. Name your file and click Publish.

Can Visio edit PNG files?

PNG files are images. Visio can import them as Visio “Shapes”, but you can not edit the content of the shape. If the file is SVG, you can ungroup and play with the component shapes.

How do I open a Visio file without Visio?

Just download Microsoft’s free Visio Viewer software, and run it to install the viewer on your computer. This free software will let you open and view Visio files without Visio.

How do I convert a Visio image to Word?

In Microsoft Word, highlight the Visio object in the document, then click CTRL+SHIFT+F9. The Visio object will be automatically converted to an image.

Can you open a Visio file in Word?

In Visio, open the file you want to appear in the Word document. Make sure nothing is selected, and then, on the Home tab, click Copy or press Ctrl+C. In Word, click where you want the Visio drawing to appear and then click Paste or press Ctrl+V. By default, the drawing opens to the first page.

What programs can open VSD files?

Programs that open VSD files

  • Nektony VSD Viewer for Visio Drawings.
  • File Viewer Plus. Microsoft Visio 2021. iGrafx FlowCharter. …
  • The Omni Group OmniGraffle. Nektony VSD Viewer. Nektony VSDX Annotator. …
  • Linux. LibreOffice. Google Chrome with Free Visio Viewer extension.
  • iOS. Nektony VSD Viewer.
  • Chrome OS. Free Visio Viewer.

Can you open a Visio file in Illustrator?

Export to Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator can also use SVG files that Microsoft Visio 2003 can export. For both Visio , you can export to WMF/EMF, but AI/EPS and SVG may be better alternatives. You can also print to PDF and open the resultant PDF in Illustrator.

What format does Visio use?


A Visio drawing file uses the extension . vsdx.

Can Visio open JPG?

Insert a picture

Some files that you import into Visio drawings as graphic images appear as metafiles. However, bitmap files, such as . bmp, . jpg, .

Can you edit a JPEG in Visio?

Impossible. You could load the JPG in an image manipulation program (Photoshop, PSP, The Gimp, etc) and make some changes to it. Once a Visio document is saved as a JPG file, it loses the information necessary for Visio to edit it.

Can we edit image in Visio?

Visio doesn’t delete the cropped part of the picture automatically, so you can change how the picture is cropped later by clicking Crop Tool again. To reduce the size of your diagram file, delete the cropped areas of the picture permanently.

How do I take a screenshot in Visio?

Save a diagram as an image file

  1. Select File > Save As.
  2. Under Save As, select Download as Image.
  3. Under Diagram Area, select which page or pages you want to save. …
  4. Select a Resolution. …
  5. Under Format, select either PNG or JPEG.
  6. If you’re saving as a PNG, you have the option to select a transparent background.

How do I change the size of an image in Visio?

To adjust length or width, hold the mouse pointer over a selection handle until it changes to a two-headed arrow, and then drag to the appropriate size. NOTE: To size the shape proportionally, drag a corner handle, or hold down SHIFT when dragging.

How do I remove shape protection in Visio?

Right-click the component, point to Format, and then click Protection. Click to clear the From deletion check box. Click OK to close the Protection dialog box.

How do you view a Visio diagram in full screen?

The Presentation Mode shows a full screen view of the drawing without any distractions. This mode can also be toggled by pressing F5 on the keyboard.

How do I change page Size in Visio 2016?

Quote from video: In this process simulator solution we're going to show you how to change the drawing page size in your Visio flowchart when creating your models you may find that your background becomes too small to

How do I save a large Visio file as a PDF?

Save Several Drawings to a Single PDF

  1. Open the drawing and click File->Print Preview… in the Visio main menu.
  2. Select Universal Document Converter from the list of printers.
  3. Click Setup… …
  4. Click Print…, then click Properties…
  5. In the File Format section select PDF Document.

How do you make a Visio chart fit on one page?

Automatically resize the drawing page to fit the shapes on the page

  1. On the Design tab, in the Page Setup group, click the Size button.
  2. Click Fit to drawing. The drawing page size changes to fit the drawing.