Can I print a return label from my phone?

You can print two types of shipping labels from your phone using an online shipping service app: outgoing shipping labels and prepaid return shipping labels.

How do I return a product to Verizon?

To make an exchange, return the merchandise (including device, charger, battery, instructions, and any other components) in the ORIGINAL box. All merchandise must be in like-new condition and accompanied by the original receipt. Shipping charges may apply to exchange merchandise sent to you by Verizon.

Can I return an online order to a Verizon store?

The good news is that you will be able to return or exchange the item at anyone of our corporate stores. Click on the link to find the one closest to you Verizon Stores Near Me | Verizon Wireless​ .

Do you need the box to return to Verizon?

You do not need to box up equipment. Equipment serial numbers will be scanned and returned to Verizon. Be sure to get receipt for your records.

How do I create a return shipping label?

3 steps to creating a return label

  1. Step 1: Choose a shipping carrier and mail class. When creating your own return label, you’ll select which shipping carrier you want to go through and which mail class the package falls under.
  2. Step 2: Enter the address. Provide your business’s return address. …
  3. Step 3: Pay for postage.

Will USPS print a label for me?

Your customers take their Label Broker ID with their shipment to the Post Office. We’ll scan the ID and print the shipping label at the counter. Or customers can print their shipping label from when they have access to a printer.

How long do I have to return my Verizon phone?

within 30 days

You may return or exchange wireless devices and accessories purchased from Verizon within 30 days of purchase. Returning merchandise does not terminate your service, so you’ll need to contact us if you want to cancel your line. A $50 restocking fee applies to any return or exchange of a wireless device*.

How do I clear my phone before returning it?

Go to the Settings menu, tap General, select Reset, then Erase All Content. With an Android phone, conduct a factory reset by tapping Menu, then select Settings, Privacy, and Factory Data Reset.

How do I call Verizon customer service?

If you have questions or need additional help, please call 1-800 Verizon (1-800-837-4966).

How do I cancel my FiOS equipment and return?

Give us a call Monday – Friday, 8:00 – 7:00pm EDT, at 1.844. 837.2262. Remember to have your account information handy. Once your service is cancelled, don’t forget to utilize My Verizon to check the status of your final bill, equipment return, and refunds, if applicable.

What equipment do I need to return to Verizon FiOS?

Re: What equipment do I have to return? You need to return the router, STBs and remotes. The ONT, BBU and PSU can remain. Unplug the power to the PSU and open the BBU and disconnect the battery.

Where can I pick up a Verizon set-top box?

UPS Store the nearest . They will box and ship the equipment back to Verizon at no cost to you. If you cannot schedule a pick-up or there is no Mail Boxes Etc. or UPS store near your location, you can bring the defective Set-Top Box to one of the specially designated Verizon FiOS TV locations.

How do I get a new set-top box from Verizon?

If your Verizon support representative cannot fix your equipment, they will determine if the Set-Top Box needs to be replaced or if a technician needs to be dispatched to resolve the issue. If necessary, they will send replacement equipment to you by mail which you will receive within 24-72 hours.

What set-top box does Verizon Fios use?

Motorola 7100-P1 HD Set-top Box:

  • All-digital HD Set-top Box.
  • Supports the onscreen Interactive Media Guide menu with access to Pay Per View, On Demand, CD quality music, parental controls and favorite channel recall.
  • Displays clock and/or channel.

How much is a Verizon set-top box?

Does Verizon Fios have hidden fees?

Fee Price
First set-top box Included
Additional set-top box $12.00/mo. each
Fios router $15.00/mo. or buy for $300
DVR (50-hour HD storage) $0.00–12.00/mo.

Is Verizon Fios losing customers?

Verizon Fios loses more video subscribers: Verizon lost another 69,000 pay-TV subscribers in the fourth quarter of 2021, continuing a decline that has been ongoing for years. The company had lost nearly the same amount, 68,000, in the third quarter. The company now has about 3.6 million subscribers to Fios.

Do I need a FIOS box for every TV?


Yes. As long as the TV has a QAM tuner which most newer HDTVs do. Take the cable from the FiOS box and plug it into the coaxial input on the back of the TV.

How can I watch Fios on my smart TV without a box?

FiOS subscribers that have both FiOS TV and FiOS Internet subscriptions can easily download the free FiOS TV app on their compatible Samsung Smart devices without requiring a secondary set-top box.

Is YouTube free on Verizon FIOS?

For any YouTube TV Verizon customer, the first month is free. After that, streaming YouTube TV is $49.99/month for 1 membership with up to 6 accounts per household.

Can I buy my own set-top box for FiOS?

As was answered over in DSLreports, you can’t buy your own Verizon set-top-box. Any used units you see for sale online were ones that were not returned to Verizon. Verizon will not activate them. You must rent Verizon boxes from Verizon.

Does FireStick have a FiOS app?

Verizon has launched its Fios TV app for Fire TVs and Firesticks. The app provides Verizon customers subscribed to Fios TV access to live channels, a program guide, on-demand content, DVR recordings, purchases, rentals, and more.

Is Roku better than Firestick?

Key Takeaways: Roku is a better choice overall because it has more features and device options, and it has more channels/apps overall, including free content. However, it only works with Google and Alexa. Firestick is a better choice for Amazon Prime members and those who have Amazon Smart devices.

Can you stream FiOS on a smart TV?

You can’t. The Fios app is only available for Android, IOS, or Windows and the Samsung does not operate on any of those. You’ll need a tablet or phone to cast the app to the TV. 4 people found this solution to be helpful.