Thank you for choosing PlatformIO IDE for Atom

  1. Windows, Menu: File > Settings > Install.
  2. Mac, Menu: Atom > Preferences > Install.
  3. Linux, Menu: Edit > Preferences > Install.

How do I set up PlatformIO?

Quote from the video:
Quote from video: Just click the install. Button. And authenticate with your password. And that's basically it the installation. Program will install visual studio on your linux. Machine.

How do I open the PlatformIO terminal?

There are 2 ways how to access PlatformIO Core (CLI):

  1. “Terminal” icon on the PlatformIO Toolbar.
  2. Left Activity Bar > PlatformIO (ant icon) > Quick Access > Miscellaneous > PlatformIO Core CLI.

How install PlatformIO on Linux?


  1. System requirements.
  2. Installation Methods. Installer Script. Super-Quick (Mac / Linux) …
  3. Development Version.
  4. Install Shell Commands. Unix and Unix-like. Method 1. …
  5. Uninstall PlatformIO Core and dependent packages.
  6. Integration with custom applications (extensions, plugins) Prerequisite. …
  7. Troubleshooting.

Do I need Python for PlatformIO?

As we will be using the PlatformIO extension for VS Code the first thing we will need to do is get Visual Studio Code installed. Another requirement for using PlatformIO is to have Python version 3.5 or higher installed. The installation procedure differs depending upon your operating system, but it’s pretty easy.

How do I use PlatformIO atom IDE terminal?

platformio-ide-terminal stays in the bottom of your editor while you work. Click on a status icon to toggle that terminal (or ctrl-` ). Right click the status icon for a list of available commands. From the right-click menu you can color code the status icon as well as hide or close the terminal instance.

How long does it take to install PlatformIO?

Depending on your internet connection, it make take several minutes to download the necessary Python environment, configure it, and then download and configure PlatformIO itself. If it doesn’t install in say 10 minutes…

Where is PlatformIO?

Another solution is to run PlatformIO Core (CLI) from a system terminal. If “pio” command is not globally available in your environment and you use PlatformIO IDE, please use built-in PlatformIO Core (CLI) which is located in: Windows: C:\Users\{username}\.

Does atom have terminal?

atom-ide-terminal stays in the bottom of your editor while you work. Click on a status icon to toggle that terminal (or ctrl-` ).

Where is PlatformIO ini?

Each PlatformIO project has a configuration file named platformio. ini in the root directory for the project. This is a INI-style file.

Is PlatformIO free?

PlatformIO Core and PlatformIO IDE are both free for personal and commercial use. You dont have to pay anything. You can pay if you want for extra support features provided by PlatformIO team.

What is PlatformIO IDE?

PlatformIO IDE is the next-generation integrated development environment for IoT. Cross-platform build system without external dependencies to the OS software: 1,000+ Boards. 40+ Development Platforms. 20+ Frameworks.