To increase or decrease the size of the text in the Notes pane, use the Zoom buttons at the lower left corner of the Notes pane.

Why are the notes in my PowerPoint so big?

Try going to View > Notes Page, or View > Notes Master to see if you can change the size there. That should do it.

How do I make slide notes smaller?

Quote from the video:
Quote from video: You must first switch the text formatting in the notes pane to do that click on the view tab. Then from the far left of your screen on the view ribbon. Click the outline.

How do I format notes in PowerPoint?

To view notes formatting changes in 2010:

  1. In Normal View, click the Outline tab on the top left of the PowerPoint window.
  2. Right-click in the Outline pane on the left side of the screen. A context menu appears.
  3. From the menu, select Show Text Formatting. Formatting should now appear in the Notes pane.

Where is the notes page view in PowerPoint?

at the bottom of the slide window, or you can get to Notes Page view from the View tab on the ribbon. The Notes pane is located beneath the slide window. You can print your notes or include the notes in a presentation that you send to the audience, or just use them as cues for yourself while you’re presenting.

What is the notes page view in PowerPoint?

The Notes Page view in PowerPoint shows a smaller version of the slide with a small area for notes underneath. In the presentation every slide has it’s own space for notes. During the presentation the notes do not appear on screen. They are just visible in the presentation mode.

What is the notes pane in PowerPoint?

Notes pane is located below the slide pane and is used to type reference notes. The notes can be printed, then referenced when making the presentation. View area is located at the right hand bottom of the screen. It contains buttons that allow the ability to switch between PowerPoint views.

What is note page view purpose?

The Notes Page view enables you to view your speaker notes in a page view (see Figure 1). Each slide created contains its own Notes Page. You can print these pages out to use as a reference while delivering the presentation. These notes do not show on the screen during Slide Show view.