Open Terminal (Mac) or a Command window (Windows), and type the following command to install the Cordova CLI:

  1. npm install -g cordova. or on a Mac:
  2. sudo npm install -g cordova. If you already have Cordova installed on your computer, make sure you upgrade to the latest version:
  3. npm update -g cordova. or.

How do I run a Cordova project?


  1. If you have not already done so, from the command line run cordova prepare. This creates the mfpclient. …
  2. Open the project in Android Studio. From Android Studio select File->New->Import Project. …
  3. In the project navigator pane the project looks like this: Table 1. …
  4. Run your application to view it in the emulator.

How do I run a Cordova project in Xcode?

Getting Started with iOS

  1. Requirements. Xcode 4.3+ …
  2. Install the iOS SDK and Apache Cordova. Install Xcode from the Mac App Store. …
  3. Setup New Project. Run the installer ‘Cordova-2.0.0.pkg’ to completion. …
  4. Deploy to Simulator. …
  5. Deploy to Device. …
  6. Results. …
  7. Problems in Xcode. …
  8. Build Your App.

How run Cordova project iOS?

To deploy to the device:

  1. Use the USB cable to plug the device into your Mac.
  2. Select the name of the project in the Xcode window’s Scheme drop-down list.
  3. Select your device from the Device drop-down list. …
  4. Press the Run button to build, deploy and run the application on your device.

Does Apple allow Cordova apps?

To submit apps to the Apple App Store℠ requires the latest versions of the Apple tools. You can test many of the Cordova features using the iOS simulator installed with the iOS SDK and Xcode, but you need an actual device to fully test all of the app’s device features before submitting to the App Store.

How do I find Cordova version on Mac?

If you want to check the version of cordova, you can simply check it from the below command: cordova –version.

Which command is used to install Cordova for all the users on a Mac machine?

Install the cordova module using npm utility of Node. js. The cordova module will automatically be downloaded by the npm utility. On OS X and Linux, prefixing the npm command with sudo may be necessary to install this development utility in otherwise restricted directories such as /usr/local/share .

How do I create an ionic app for iOS on Mac?


  1. Xcode Setup. Setting up a Development Team. Creating an iOS Simulator.
  2. Cordova Setup. ios-sim & ios-deploy.
  3. Project Setup.
  4. Running with Xcode.
  5. Running with the Ionic CLI. Live-reload with Capacitor. Live-reload with Cordova.
  6. Debugging iOS Apps. Using Safari Web Inspector. Viewing Native Logs.

What is Cordova for iOS?

Cordova iOS is an iOS application library that allows for Cordova-based projects to be built for the iOS Platform. Cordova based applications are, at the core, applications written with web technology: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Apache Cordova is a project of The Apache Software Foundation (ASF).

How do I send my Cordova app to the app store?

Submitting your cordova app to the apple app store

  1. Create a certificate. First, you will need to login to Apple’s developer website. …
  2. Create an app identifier. …
  3. Create a provisioning profile. …
  4. Building a signed IPA. …
  5. Creating an app listing. …
  6. Submitting the IPA to the app store.

What is a Cordova plugin?

Cordova Plugins

A plugin is a bit of add-on code that provides JavaScript interface to native components. They allow your app to use native device capabilities beyond what is available to pure web apps.

What is Cordova Android?

Cordova Android is an Android application library that allows for Cordova-based projects to be built for the Android Platform. Cordova based applications are, at the core, applications written with web technology: HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Apache Cordova is a project of The Apache Software Foundation (ASF).

How do I find Cordova version?

How to verify the version of cordova, a platform version of a cordova project and how to update them

  1. npm outdated -g –depth=0.
  2. cordova -v REM or the long version cordova –version.
  3. npm update -g cordova.
  4. cordova platform version android.
  5. cordova platform update android.

How do I know if Cordova is installed?

Verify the Installation of Apache Cordova

In the Command Prompt window, verify the Cordova installation. If the package installation location, such as C:\Users\JDOE\AppData\Roaming\npm on Windows, and the package version appear, then the installation is correct.

What is the latest version of Cordova?

Cordova Lib 11.0. 0: GH-889 bump(platform): bump Electron & Android to latest release.

What is Apache Cordova used for?

Apache Cordova enables software programmers to build hybrid web applications for mobile devices using CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript, instead of relying on platform-specific APIs like those in Android, iOS, or Windows Phone.

How do I run Cordova on my browser?

To test a Cordova app I need to run it in an Emulator or on a physical device. That is a slow process so instead I test it in a browser when possible.
5 Answers

  1. cordova platform add browser -force.
  2. cordova serve.
  3. in the browser: http://localhost:8000.
  4. click “browser” link on screen. It will open your app.

Is Cordova obsolete?

And nowadays, according to Statista, Cordova’s popularity is decreasing. The number of software developers who used Apache Cordova in 2019–2021 fell from 29% to 16%.

Is Cordova discontinued?

Rest assured, Apache Cordova is still active and maintained!

Today, we are in the fortunate position that Cordova is an Open Source Software, which is entirely maintained by the community. PhoneGap originally started as an open-source project by Nitobi Software in 2008.

What can I use instead of Cordova?

TOP 5 Alternatives to Apache Cordova in 2022

  • Flutter.
  • React Native.
  • Ionic.
  • NativeScript.
  • Xamarin.

Is Cordova supported?

Cordova is an open source framework that lets you convert HTML, JavaScript, and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) into a native application that can run on iOS, Android, and other mobile platforms.