To draw a triangle:

  1. In the Graphics menu, click Add.
  2. Select the Triangle tool in the Object Tools window.
  3. Position the cursor and press to anchor the first vertex on the image. …
  4. Drag the cursor horizontally to draw the base of the triangle. …
  5. Release the cursor to anchor the second vertex.

How do you make a 2d solid in AutoCAD?

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Quote from video: By doing that when I create solid geometry that geometry will reflect light and it will look solid here in this view on the right.

How do you make a 90 degree triangle in AutoCAD?

To Create a Right Triangle Mass Element

  1. On the Massing tool palette, select the Right Triangle tool. …
  2. Specify the first corner of the Right Triangle.
  3. Drag the cursor and specify the second corner of the Right Triangle.
  4. Drag the cursor and specify the height of the Right Triangle.

How do you fill a solid rectangle in AutoCAD?

Here are the steps:

  1. First set the layer that you want to use for your solid fill. …
  2. On the Home tab in the Draw panel, click Hatch. …
  3. In the Pattern panel, choose Solid.
  4. If you have one closed area, you can just click inside it to pick an internal point. …
  5. Press Enter to end the HATCH command.

How do you draw an isometric triangle in AutoCAD?

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Quote from video: You can also use polygons to create triangle also triangle or sphere you can also create triangle suppose if you want to create triangle. Click on polygon then give the number of edges as 3 enter.

How do I change a 3D line to a solid in AutoCAD?

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Quote from video: Now type in the command line extrude. Select your surface hit enter and you can you can extrude it upwards or downwards in this manner.

How do you make a hollow object solid in AutoCAD?

To create a hollow solid:

  1. Click Solid tab > Feature panel > Hollow to display the Hollow Solid dialog:
  2. Use the dialog to remove a face of a solid and offset it to create a hollow solid.
  3. Move the cursor over a solid. …
  4. Click the face of the solid you want to remove to highlight it.

How do you draw a triangle with angles in Autocad?

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Quote from video: Sign. I then type four five enter and it will draw the line at 45 degrees i then join this side right here enter and it's done triangle abcs side that side 45 and that.

How do you make a 3d triangle in Autocad?

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Quote from video: And select the 3d modeling then click on this unsaved view and select asymmetric then give UCS icon command enter then select no regen.

How do you draw a 60 degree angle in Autocad?

At a Specific Angle

  1. Click Home tab > Draw panel > Line. Find.
  2. Specify the start point.
  3. Do one of the following to specify the angle: Enter the left angle bracket (<) and the angle, for example <45, and move the cursor to indicate the direction. ...
  4. Do one of the following to specify the length: …
  5. Press the Spacebar or Enter.

How do you draw an isometric shape?

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Quote from video: I'll begin drawing the front on a diagonal line up then straight up diagonal down and then straight down next I'll draw the side. And at the top.

How do I create an isometric dimension in AutoCAD?

Type DIMTEDIT on the command line and press enter then click on the dimension which you want to edit, I am selecting dimension C for this case. From the command line, select Angle option and type an angle of 30 degrees then press enter. The dimension text will now align with the dimension line.

How do I draw an isometric drawing in AutoCAD?

Choose any of the Isoplane options to change from orthographic drafting to isometric. The other method is probably the most common. Just click on the Isodraft icon on the Status Bar to toggle it on or off. Click the small down arrow just to its right to choose your isoplane mode.

What is isometric drafting AutoCAD?

An AutoCAD isometric drawing is a 2 dimensional drawing just like a paper drawing. AutoCAD provides some tools to aid us in creating the drawing, but not very many. Mostly, we will be using the same commands that we used in creating orthographic drawings. We are going to draw the figure shown on the right.

How do I change the isometric angle in AutoCAD?

AutoCAD has a command called ISOPLANE which allows you to easily draw at a 30 degree angle as needed for an isometric drawing. You can switch between the three ‘isoplanes’ (top, right, left) by using this command or by pressing the F5 key. Newer versions of AutoCAD have an Isoplane icon on the status bar.

What is the isometric angle?

Isometric projection is a method for visually representing three-dimensional objects in two dimensions in technical and engineering drawings. It is an axonometric projection in which the three coordinate axes appear equally foreshortened and the angle between any two of them is 120 degrees.

How do you draw an isometric angle?

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Quote from video: Just start off with that square. They're going to redraw the part that you're trying to get an isometric remember that you can't use a set square for any angles in isometric.

How do you draw isometric view in engineering drawing?

Using the ruler, draw a vertical line on the page, and mark three equally spaced points along it. Draw a horizontal line through the lowest point, and using the protractor, mark out a 30 degree angle up from the line on either side. Draw a line back through the lowest point from the 30 degree angle on each side.

How do you draw an isometric cube?

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Quote from video: So the first stage is to draw a horizontal line okay and then once you've drawn your horizontal line to draw a vertical line that crosses. It.

How do you make an oblique cube?


  1. Draw a square.
  2. Draw the side view and top view by drawing a 45° angle at every point (visible outer angle) from the horizontal. (The angles all lie to the left.)
  3. Measure the length of a side of the square (front view). …
  4. Connect the points to complete the back of the cube.

What is the difference between oblique and isometric sketches?

An oblique sketch has a more focus on the front side of an object or the face. Isometric Sketch focuses on the edge of an object. It is drawn usually using the 45-degrees angle to render the third dimensions. It is usually drawn using 30 degrees angles.

How do you make an axonometric cube?

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Quote from video: We're gonna see the cube. From. The front edge. And what I'm gonna start by just drawing that front edge and again I'm going to draw it dark a little darker than I normally.

What is difference between isometric and axonometric?

Isometric (meaning “equal measure”) is a type of parallel (axonometric) projection, where the X and Z axes are inclined to the horizontal plane at the angle of 30⁰. The angle between axonometric axes equals 120⁰. 30/120/30 is also referred ti as true isometric grid.

What angle is an axonometric drawing at?


In isometric projection, the most commonly used form of axonometric projection in engineering drawing, the direction of viewing is such that the three axes of space appear equally foreshortened, and there is a common angle of 120° between them.

What is an orthographic drawing and how is it used by engineers?

Also called orthographic projection, orthographic drawings present different perspective points of a 2D image of an object to allow for a clearer visualization than isometric drawing, which is a 3D rendering that only uses one point of perspective.

How do you draw orthographic drawings?

Creating an Orthographic Projection

  1. Choose a front view. …
  2. Decide how many views are needed to completely describe the object. …
  3. Draw the visible features of the front view.
  4. Draw projectors off of the front view horizontally and vertically in order to create the boundaries for the top and right side views.

How many orthographic views are present in Autocad?

It shows the object with a top view, a front view and a side view. These three views are ‘projected’ and aligned with each other.