Press Ctrl + Shift + T to undo a closed tab. Pressing this key combination more than once brings back multiple closed tabs. This feature works in all major browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Opera.

Can I undo in Google Chrome?

You just press Command-Z to undo the tab closing (undo works in most Mac apps). Here’s another trick I use quite often. Because it’s so easy to pull up a lot of tabs, which leads to some confusion over where you have them and why you even opened that tab, I sometimes use a totally different process.

How do I undo a tab in Chrome?

Answer: Click on the Chrome menu, Go to the History option, you will find an option with the number of tabs you have recently closed, click on it to undo closing all tabs and restore them.

What is the shortcut for undo in Chrome?

The Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Windows/Linux Shortcut Mac Shortcut Action
Ctrl + V Cmd + V Paste
Ctrl + Shift + V Cmd + Shift + V Paste without formatting
Ctrl + Z Cmd + Z Undo
Ctrl + Y Cmd + Shift + Z Redo

How do I restore a page in Google Chrome?

Open the Chrome menu (click the 3-dot menu in the upper-right corner of Chrome) Click History. Click # Tabs results to restore all the closed tabs from your session at once.

How do I recover a deleted tab?

Restoring Recently Closed Tabs in Google Chrome on Android

It’s in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Look for the “Recent Tabs” option from the drop-down menu. Now you’ll see a list of all tabs you recently had opened. Just look for the one you need and tap on it.