Do I need an account to use BlueJeans?

Guests can join meetings using the BlueJeans Mobile Apps without needing to sign in or create an account.

Do you have to pay to use BlueJeans?

Recording is available to all users with any of the BlueJeans plans. The Enterprise plan offers unlimited meeting recording to users at only $16.66/host/month.

How do I set up a BlueJeans meeting?

Scheduling Meetings

  1. Click BlueJeans “Schedule” icon at the top to open a new appointment form.
  2. BlueJeans meeting details appear.
  3. Fill in event details: Change Subject (if needed) Enter date & time. Mark as Recurrence (if needed) …
  4. Compose your message. Scroll down through meeting details and add/edit text.
  5. Click Send.

How do I use BlueJeans on my laptop?

Primary Content

  1. Click to start Personal meeting.
  2. Click for two more join options: screen share the only mode or, using your phone for audio.
  3. Hover over an upcoming meeting to view meeting details. Click the join button to enter.
  4. Manually enter a Meeting ID and passcode (optional) and click Join to enter the meeting.

Is BlueJeans similar to Zoom?

Both products offer a range of native applications (Zoom apps, BlueJeans apps) and similar functionality. Similar, but not identical. The chart below compares BlueJeans features to Zoom features in an effort to help you decide on which will best meet your needs.

Is BlueJeans more secure than zoom?

BlueJeans. The California-based video conference platform BlueJeans is a good option for work teams and meetings that require a little more security than a free Zoom session. Pros: Videos are encrypted by default. BlueJeans can be accessed via browser and does not require an account or the download of a new program.

Does BlueJeans have a time limit?

Meeting Duration: There is no duration limit for meetings (a meeting can continue as long as needed). If you schedule a meeting to take place from 1:00 to 3:00 pm, it will not end automatically at 3:00 pm – it will continue until the moderator ends the meeting.

How do you test BlueJeans?

You can join a test meeting, speak into your microphone and hear Jean the Parrot repeat back to you what you just said.

  1. Launch the BlueJeans app.
  2. Choose how you want to join the meeting, using your computer’s audio or your phone’s audio, then select Save & Continue.
  3. To perform the test, simply Join as Guest.

How do I turn on my camera on BlueJeans?

Check the Camera Settings in BlueJeans

  1. Click Settings in the top right.
  2. Make sure the correct capture device is selected as the Camera.
  3. You should see a live view of your camera in the rectangle above the camera selection box.
  4. Make sure that all other programs that use the camera, such as Skype, Hangouts, FaceTime, etc.

How do I invite someone to a BlueJeans meeting?

Invite Participants using their email address. Click on Advanced Options to review additional configuration choices. Choose to use “My Meeting ID” or “One-time ID” for this scheduled meeting, per your preference. Add a Participant Passcode to the meeting.

How do you invite people to BlueJeans?

Use the instructions included below to Invite a New or Existing User to your Group:

  1. Access your Admin Console from the website, select Manage Users, and click on the Invite Users tab.
  2. Enter the email addresses of the users you want to invite in the provided textbox.
  3. Click “Send Invites” to send the invitations out.

What is a BlueJeans conference call?

BlueJeans Conference Calling

The BlueJeans software platform supports browser-based meetings with WebRTC, offers a mobile conference call and desktop app with intuitive controls that get attendees into meetings faster, while providing HD video and Dolby audio.

Is BlueJeans video or audio?

BlueJeans Enables Video and Audio Conferencing.

Does BlueJeans have video conferencing?

Maximize productivity from home with the BlueJeans video conferencing platform. Whether joining from your laptop, or from secondary devices like an iPad or Portal from Facebook, you get complete flexibility with smart cameras that keep the focus on you, and Dolby Audio for crystal clear, distraction-free sound.

How many people can attend a BlueJeans?

The BlueJeans Large Meeting feature enables users the ability to host large meetings; increasing the participant capacity of meetings from . We recommend BlueJeans Events for larger audience meeting, where most of the users are only viewing the meeting.

How can attendees join an event in BlueJeans?

Q: How can Attendees join my Event? A: For events, attendees can join via VC suite, any browser, smart phone/tablet, or dial in over the phone. NOTE: We recommend Attendees join using the Chrome/Edge (Version 80 and above) browser for the best experience.

How do you blur the background in BlueJeans?

Under Preferences, navigate to ‘Virtual Background’ and then pick one of the following: Background Blur – Toggle the switch on and select a blur density to wash-out your surroundings and keep your person in focus.

Does BlueJeans have a waiting room?

The BlueJeans Waiting Room feature allows the moderator to control who and when a participant can join the BlueJeans Meeting. As a moderator, you can admit/deny participants one by one or all at once. You can also send participants to the Waiting Room from the meeting.

Is there a whiteboard in BlueJeans?

The new BlueJeans Desktop App offers both Annotation and Whiteboarding tools for users during Content Share.

How do I change the voice on BlueJeans?

Right click the speaker icon from the system tray, and select “Adjust Audio Properties” from the menu. Click on the “Audio” tab. Select the headset / speaker(s) you want to use under “Sound Playback,” then click “OK” at bottom and dismiss the dialog.

What are the features of BlueJeans?

BlueJeans brings together features like screen sharing, polling, Q&A, recording, and text chat to make collaboration easy. We’ve added integrations with key AI and voice recognition partners to streamline tasks like intelligent transcription and meeting initiation.

Can you share documents on BlueJeans?

The BlueJeans Desktop App lets you quickly and easily share your entire screen or a specified application running on your computer.

What is Verizon BlueJeans meeting standard?

BlueJeans by Verizon brings audio, web and video conferencing together with simple, smart, and trusted tools that people use every day for an unparalleled one-touch meeting experience. It provides easy-to-use, enterprise-grade video meetings with crystal clear audio powered by Dolby Voice®.