14 – DataBound Controls in ASP.NET.

What is Databound C#?

Introduction. Databound controls are used to display data to the end-user within the web applications and using databound controls allows you to manipulate the data within the web applications very easily. Databound controls are bound to the DataSource property.

What are the data control available in ASP.NET explain in detail?

Both DataList and DetailsView are Data Controls, means both are used to Display and Manipulate Data. Note: The Controls having DataSource Property are called Data Controls in ASP.NET. Data List: DataList is an Unformatted Data Control like repeater control in ASP.NET.

What control is a multi column Databound ASP.NET server control?

A FormView is a databound control used to insert, display, edit, update and delete data in ASP.NET that renders a single record at a time.