You must pass AZ-300 and AZ-301 to achieve the certification Assuming that all questions have the same weight, about 35 of the 50 questions need to be answered correctly.

Does AZ-300 have labs?

Yes, the AZ-300 certification exam contains many performance-based lab questions. You will be asked to go into the Microsoft Azure portal using the given login credentials and perform some tasks. Each lab may contain 8-9 tasks and you can use PowerShell, CLI or Azure Portal to accomplish the tasks.

How many lab questions are in Arizona 303?

AZ-303 having practical labs where you have to implement step by step implementation of design in the examination. in AZ-303 there are 40-60 questions which can have 5 questions (approximate) Labs for designing on Azure portal.

How hard is the AZ-303 exam?

Since, the AZ-303 passing score is 700 or higher out of 1000 for this Microsoft certification. The exam standards and AZ-303 exam questions will also not be an easy walk to gain your Azure Expert Badge. Since we know that AZ-303 will be a hard nut to crack, you would need the right path that leads to success.

How do I beat Azure 300?

Modules in AZ-300 Exam You Need to Aware about

  1. Configure & Deploy Infrastructure. Perhaps this would be the most important exam module which you have to focus during your AZ-300 exam preparation. …
  2. Implementing Workloads & Security. …
  3. Creating & Deploying Apps. …
  4. Securing Data & Implementing Authentication. …
  5. Develop for the Cloud.

What is the difference between AZ-300 and AZ-303?

Exam Updates

What’s interesting about the difference between the old AZ-300 and the new AZ-303 exam is that more has been taken away than added. The original AZ-300 exam covered much more detail on advanced networking and development patterns, especially messaging technologies.

Is AZ-300 still valid?


How do I pass AZ-303?

The AZ-303 exam had 48 questions for me and the AZ-304 had 62. You should expect the number of questions to be in that range. To pass you need a score of at least 700 out of 1000. Note that Microsoft uses a dynamic scoring system which means that 700 out of 1000 doesn’t equal 70%.

How much time does it take to prepare for AZ-303?

Expect to spend a significant amount of time in your preparation. On average many students spend 6+ months on their preparation and try to combine this with as much real world experience as they can get hold of.

What is the difference between AZ-303 and AZ 304?

Key difference between AZ-303 and AZ 304 Exam

To begin with Microsoft Exam AZ-303 is filled with questions around how to implement technologies, On the other hand the AZ-304 exam is all about which technology is the best suited for a given scenario.

How difficult is DP-300?

The DP-300 is a fairly specialized and challenging certification exam. Database administrators, data analysts and data management specialists who need to validate their knowledge or their work experience should take the DP-300.

How difficult is Azure Solution architect certification?

It is one of the most important certifications for Azure, and also one of the most difficult. It is in high demand. Every day more native developers appear in the Cloud, and an architect role that gives guidelines and assembles the architectures that the developers will implement is essential.

How much do Azure architects make?

$153,297 a year

How much does an Azure Architect make? As of Jun 4, 2022, the average annual pay for an Azure Architect in the United States is $153,297 a year. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, that works out to be approximately $73.70 an hour.

How long does it take to prepare for az300?

It will take you about 60 hours to go through all these courses. Courtesy of Microsoft and Pluralsight, you can get access to these courses for FREE!

What are the skills required for Azure Architect?

The skills that are mandatory for the job of Azure Architect are as follows:

  • Efficient knowledge on Azure and its services.
  • Architecture of Azure.
  • Networking.
  • Linux.
  • Designing Security.
  • PowerShell scripting.

What are the certifications in Azure?

Microsoft Azure Role-Based Certifications

  • Microsoft Certified: Azure – Fundamentals Exam AZ-900.
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure AI – Fundamentals Exam AI-900.
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Data – Fundamentals Exam DP-900.
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator – Associate Exam AZ-104.

What does an Azure architect do?

An Azure architect is a specialised cloud architect for developing solutions for Microsoft Azure cloud. The Azure architects understand all phases of a software project life cycle along with its detailed technical implementation, management, and team roles.

Are Azure certifications worth IT?

The growing demand for a career in cloud computing is a good enough reason to acquire an Azure certification. It can also help you gain better career opportunities in different sectors and locations. In addition, the certificate offers many professional development options that can help you achieve your goals.

Do Azure certifications expire?

The Fundamentals role-based certifications (like Azure Fundamentals) have a lifetime certification validity. By contrast, the Associate, Expert, and Specialty role-based certifications expire in one year. Renewal involves your passing a 20-25question free online assessment at Microsoft Learn.

Which Azure certification is best?

But, for those who are new to Azure, the best-recommended certification is the Azure Fundamentals. For this, you have to pass the foundational level exam that is AZ-900. And, the AZ-900 exam is a stepping stone for moving towards the associate and expert level Azure certifications.

What is the easiest Azure exam?

AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals certification

If you’re new to cloud or Azure and want to know the core fundamentals of it, the answer is simple: The AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals certification. The AZ-900 is the first step into the world of Azure that will set you up with the foundational knowledge needed to go far and high in your cloud career.

Is Azure exam easy?

In conclusion, Microsoft Azure certification exams are quite difficult to achieve but not impossible. A little knowledge and experience can work wonders for you. Moreover, you need to have determination and confidence which is essential to ace Azure certification.

Which Azure certification pays the most?

Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert

Undoubtedly a challenging and top highest-paying certification in the cloud. It is estimated that the average salary for a Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert is around USD 135,000.

Which pays more AWS or Azure?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has an average salary of $106,210 USD across all jobs. Google Cloud (GCP) has an average salary of $105,454 USD across jobs. Microsoft Azure has an average salary of $96,649 USD across jobs.

How much do Azure jobs pay?

Azure Fundamentals certification holders most likely have more advanced Azure certifications as well which helps them in amassing an average salary of $126,653 as per Global Knowledge 2020 IT Skills and Salary Survey. In general, Glassdoor reports an annual average salary of $108,744 for Azure specialists.

Who is better AWS or Azure?

AWS charges you on an hourly basis but Azure has a pricing model of per minute charge. In terms of short term subscriptions, Azure has more flexibility but it is more expensive. Azure has a much better hybrid cloud support in comparison with AWS. AWS provides direct connections whereas Azure express provides routing.

Is Azure the future?

The future of cloud computing is Azure and so much more Azure. For years, Microsoft has been creating a world where every computing, mobile, and smart device connects with Azure, becoming the cloud computing backbone used by a worldwide network of partners.

Can Azure beat AWS?

With a Microsoft Azure managed service provider, your business’s IT department will benefit from the cost savings of spreading your workload through several cloud service providers. As a result, for companies searching for a hybrid cloud solution, Azure outperforms AWS.

Who owns Azure?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service offered by Microsoft. There are over 600 services that fall under the Azure umbrella, but broadly speaking, it is a web-based platform on which applications and services can be built, tested, managed, and deployed.

What language is Azure written in?

The Azure portal is written in TypeScript and uses jQuery, KnockoutJS, Q, RequireJS, and Less (among a few other libraries). There’s a thin ASP.NET Web API layer on the back-end, but most calls go directly to back-end services, like Azure Resource Manager (ARM).

What was Azure called before?

Windows Azure

Azure, announced at Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference (PDC) in October 2008, went by the internal project codename “Project Red Dog“, and formally released in February 2010, as Windows Azure before being renamed to Microsoft Azure on March 25, 2014.