Ozobot, unveiled at CES, is a small autonomous robot that plays games on different surfaces, including iPad screens.

Is Ozobot worth the money?

It’s provided a unique hands-on learning experience for coding, and I loved hearing my kids laugh and make crazy plans as they worked together to create programs for their robot. If you’re looking for a comprehensive coding experience with hands-on and screen-free options, the Ozobot Evo is a great investment.

What age is Ozobot for?

What are the recommended ages for Ozobots? Ages 5 and up (or grades K-12) are recommended for both Evo and Bit.

Is Ozobot discontinued?

The original Ozobot model – the Ozobot Bit – is no longer available for purchase but there are three Evo kits. These include the Evo Educator Entry Kit (single robot), the Ozobot Evo 12-Pack, and the Ozobot Evo 18-Pack.

Which is better Ozobot Evo or bit?

Both robots are easy to control and (almost) intuitively to use. Bit is more suited for younger technology oriented kids. Evo – with additional LEDs, the ability to make sounds, bluetooth, infrared distance sensors and some other additional features – is a little bit more complex.

How long does Ozobot battery last?

If you want to keep your Ozobot Evo constantly connected via Bluetooth, the battery will last only around 40 minutes (we checked several times) and then, you will need exactly 1 hour to fully charge it. However, it’s possible to stretch this time significantly for school use. More on that in Programming.

What can you do with an Ozobot?

Pre-readers can get in on the Ozobot coding fun by writing their names in thick black lines that and adding Color Codes that Ozobot can respond to. Introduce students of all ages to computational thinking with Ozobot and Color Codes, short sequences of color drawn with markers on paper to tell Ozobots what to do.

Can you use any markers with Ozobot?

It is recommended to use Ozobot markers to ensure that your robot reads the colors reliably. Crayons, dry erase markers colored pencils, water colors and highlighters should not be used with Ozobot. You can also use Sharpie wide chisel tips (in pastel colors for blue and green) or Crayola classic markers.

What are the different types of Ozobots?

Ozobot has two different options right now, the Ozobot Bit and the Ozobot Evo. If you are looking for a super versatile robot toy that can help teach programming for kids, while also providing lots of options for unplugged coding activities, keep reading to find out about these two impressive little bots!

What age do kids start robotics?

Some children may be ready for robotics for beginners at age 6 while others would be best suited to start at age 8 or 9. You know your child best. If you think a class for 6-year-olds would be age-appropriate, try it. If not, you can wait until they’re a couple of years older.

How do I connect my IPAD to Ozobot?

Quote from video: Evo is app connected download the Evo by ozobot app in the App Store or Google Play. Open the app and follow the instructions to create an account and connect to your evil. From the home screen tap.

What is Ozobot classroom?

Ozobot Classroom is a web-based LMS platform that enables educators to manage student coding progress, assign projects, and more when using the Ozobot Evo robots in the classroom. 1. The Ozobot Classroom software is compatible with anywhere from 2-18 Ozobot Evo robots (perfect for Ozobot Classroom kits).

What is Ozobot robot?

Ozobot is one of the smallest programmable robots in the world, measuring 2.54 cm in diameter and height but equipped with a powerful brain. It is a great tool to teach the basics of programming in a fun and interactive way for children from 6 years old.

How do you make Ozobot follow your finger?

Quote from the video:
Quote from video: Power Evo on in follow Evo uses proximity sensors to follow your finger to trigger a new trick. Cover all four sensors. Either with your fingers or by cupping Evo in your hand.

What do Ozobots look like?

They look a little like Pac-Man ghosts, with domes for heads. Ozobot can identify lines, colors, and codes on both digital surfaces, such as an iPad, and physical surfaces, such as paper.

Who makes Ozobot?

Nader Hamda

Nader Hamda sets out to make small robots with a big mission. His 10-year-old daughter names the project Ozobot. After two years of testing and prototyping, Bit—the original Ozobot—is unveiled at CES in Las Vegas.

How an Ozobot works on a paper?

Very simply, they are a line-following robot – whatever line you draw, they will follow it. Take a piece of paper and draw a thick line on it using either the broad side of the Ozobot marker or the broadest section of a Crayola wide-tip marker.

When was Ozobot invented?


Ozobot designed its tiny Evo robots to get kids excited about robotics and programming. The company debuted in 2015, it launched its robots into more than 10,000 classrooms, and now the company is returning to CES 2018 with a way to reward players who share their creations.

How do you calibrate an Ozobot?

Hold down the power button on Ozobot for 2 seconds until the LED light flashes white. Quickly Place Ozobot in the middle of the black calibration dot. Ozobot will move forward and blink green, which means it has successfully calibrated. Start over if Ozobot blinks red.

How do Ozobot gain back power?

Press and hold the power button (icon) for 2 seconds until Evo flashes white. Release the power putton and place Evo on the Playfield starting spot. Evo will flash green, then turn off. Press and quickly release the Power button to turn Evo back on.

Why is my Ozobot flashing red?

If Ozobot blinks red, then the battery needs to be charged as soon as possible. Plug the mini USB charging cable into a computer or multi-port charger and plug Ozobot into the other end. Ozobot blinks green when it is partially charged, and shows a solid green light when fully charged.

How do you clean Ozobot wheels?

But don’t try to clean Ozobot with soap and water, this would most certainly break Ozobot. Instead, take a clean white sheet of paper and move Ozobot’s wheels gently back and forth on the paper. Done, Ozobot’s wheels are clean! Ozobot’s motor is fueled by a tiny battery, much like cell phones, but smaller.

How do I reset my Ozobot bit?

Quote from the video:
Quote from video: Option take your ozobot. Turn it on and set it down in the middle of the screen. Press the start button and once those about flashes read it has been reset.

Where is the power button on Ozobot?

Quote from the video:
Quote from video: The power button which is located on the side here which we use to turn up on and off. And you want to hold that in until the LED starts flashing what go ahead and demonstrate with the black one.

What is the Ozobot app?

The Ozobot Bit app lets you play different types of games with one or more robots right on your tablet (9″ or larger recommended). The app includes three distinctive games: OzoDraw, OzoLuck and OzoPath. OzoDraw – a drawing game designed to foster creative play and interact with the robot.