Data protection capabilities in Power BI build on Microsoft’s strengths in security and enable customers to empower every user with Power BI and better protect their data no matter how or where it is accessed.

Is Power BI data safe?

All data persisted by Power BI is encrypted by default using Microsoft-managed keys. Customer data stored in Azure SQL Databases is fully encrypted using Azure SQL’s Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) technology. Customer data stored in Azure Blob storage is encrypted using Azure Storage Encryption.

Is Power BI Free secure?

Your data is secure in the Microsoft Cloud

Network security features in Power BI include: Service tags: You can use service tags to achieve network isolation and restrict your network to the general Internet while accessing Power BI service using public APIs.

Is Power BI data encrypted?

Power BI encrypts data at-rest and in process. By default, Power BI uses Microsoft-managed keys to encrypt your data. In Power BI Premium you can also use your own keys for data at-rest that is imported into a dataset (see Data source and storage considerations for more information).