Servlet Collaboration In Java Using RequestDispatcher and HttpServletResponse.

What are the ways for servlet collaboration?

– The collaboration can be done by redirecting a servlet from another or loading the servlets from the ServletContext access methods. – This can also be achieved by the methods forward() and include() of RequestDispatcher or by sendRedirect() method.

What are the ways for servlet collaboration and what is the difference between RequestDispatcher and sendRedirect () method?

The RequestDispatcher interface allows you to do a server side forward/include whereas sendRedirect() does a client side redirect. SendRedirect() will search the content between the servers. it is slow because it has to intimate the browser by sending the URL of the content.

What are methods of request dispatcher?

The RequestDispatcher interface provides two methods. They are: public void forward(ServletRequest request,ServletResponse response)throws ServletException,java. io.

How do servlets communicate with each other?

The communication between the Java servlets is known as Servlet communication. It is sending users request, and the response object passed to a servlet to another servlet. We are using the method getParameter(), which is basically used to get the input from user value in a specified field.

What are the two objects that a servlet receives when it accepts a call from client?

When a servlet accepts a service call from a client, it receives two objects, ServletRequest and ServletResponse . The ServletRequest class encapsulates the communication from the client to the server, while the ServletResponse class encapsulates the communication from the servlet back to the client.

What are the two ways to include the result of another page explain?

There are two ways to include the result of another page:

  • By include directive.
  • By include action.

What is servlet collaboration explain it with example?

Servlet Collaboration means how one servlet can communicate with other. Sometimes servlets are to pass the common information that is to be shared directly by one servlet to another through various invocations of the methods.

Which method is used to access HTML variable in servlet?

Use getAttribute() of servlet context to find value of application scope variable. If the specified variable does not exits then it returns null.

What is the difference between JSP and servlet?

Servlet is faster than JSP. JSP is slower than Servlet because the first step in JSP lifecycle is the translation of JSP to java code and then compile. Servlet can accept all protocol requests. JSP only accept http requests.

How will two or three servlets interact or communicate with each other?

Servlets that are present in the same web-server can communicate with each other and can also share resources between them during the execution, such as variables amongst each other. 1.By the sendRedirect() method sends the request with the new URL, which connects to this URL.

Which provides an easy way of communication between the clients of the Web the servlets?

Communication Support: Servlet Container provides easy way of communication between web client (Browsers) and the servlets and JSPs. Because of the container, we don’t need to build a server socket to listen for any request from the web client, parse the request and generate a response.

How does a servlet communicate with a JSP page?

A Servlet can communicate with JSP by using the RequestDispatcher mechanism. RequestDispatching is the process hand overing the request to another web component,and this component takes the response of generating the response.

Which two types of text is included in JSP page?

A JSP page is a text document that contains two types of text: static data, which can be expressed in any text-based format (such as HTML, SVG, WML, and XML), and JSP elements, which construct dynamic content.

In which of the following modes can the servlet can be used?

The modes of Servlet can be used are: Support HTTP protocol. Used for CGI based application. Dynamic generation of Servlet.
The important functions of filters are:

  • Logging and auditing.
  • Security check.
  • Response compression.
  • Data compression.
  • Modifying the response.

In which element can methods be declared in a JSP page?

Declaration tag is one of the scripting elements in JSP. This Tag is used for declare the variables. Along with this, Declaration Tag can also declare method and classes.

How variables and methods are declared in JSP?

The jsp scriptlet tag can only declare variables not methods. The jsp declaration tag can declare variables as well as methods. The declaration of scriptlet tag is placed inside the _jspService() method. The declaration of jsp declaration tag is placed outside the _jspService() method.

Which method is invoked when JSP initialized?

jsp_init() is invoked when the JspPage is initialized. At this point getServletConfig() will return the desired value.

What are directives in JSP?

Directives are elements that relay messages to the JSP container and affect how it compiles the JSP page. The directives themselves do not appear in the XML output. There are three directives: include, page, and taglib.

What are the different types of directives in JSP How do you use them and for what purposes?

JSP – Directives

S.No. Directive & Description
1 <%@ page … %> Defines page-dependent attributes, such as scripting language, error page, and buffering requirements.
2 <%@ include … %> Includes a file during the translation phase.
3 <%@ taglib … %> Declares a tag library, containing custom actions, used in the page

What are directives What are IT types?

There are four types of directives in Angular,

  • Components directives.
  • Structural directives.
  • Attribute directives.
  • Custom Directive.

What are directives in asp net?

ASP.NET directives are instructions to specify optional settings, such as registering a custom control and page language. These settings describe how the web forms (. aspx) or user controls (.

Which of the following directives is used to link an assembly to a page or user control?

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Que. Which of the following directive is used to link an assembly to a page or user control?
b. @Import
c. @Assembly
d. @Reference

Is the code mixed with the HTML and ASP control called?

inline code is the code mixed with the HTML and asp controls.