An LEQ is AP history lingo for a thesis-proof essay. Literally it stands for “Long Essay Question.” An LEQ is a type of essay introduced as a part of the CollgeBoard’s “redesign,” starting with the 2016 AP exam.

What does Leq stand for in audio?

Leq (equivalent continuous sound level) is defined as the steady sound pressure level which, over a given period of time, has the same total energy as the actual fluctuating noise. Thus, the Leq is in fact the RMS sound level with the measurement duration used as the averaging time.

Is Leq an average?

Leq, LAeq, LAeq,t – Average Sound Level

Usually measured A-weighted but there is no time constant applied. As the Leq (defined as the Equivalent Continuous Sound Level) is an average, it will settled to a steady value, making it much easier to read accurately than with a simple instantaneous Sound Level.

What does an Leq of 80 dBA mean?

The problem with manually calculating Leq is that decibels (dB) are based on logarithmic scales. If you have a machine producing 80 dB, a doubling of the noise level would not be 160 dB. It would be 3 dB.

How is Leq calculated?

An Leq measurement is now obtainable. By dividing the sound exposure by the time over which the measurement was taken we are given an average value of exposure for the period. This is known as Leq or Equivalent Continuous Sound Level.

What is an Leq AP World?

Overview of the Long Essay Question (LEQ)

In AP World History, the prompt includes a sentence that orients the writer to the time, place, and theme of the prompt topic, while prompts in AP US History and AP European History typically do not. However, the rubrics and scoring guidelines are the same for all Histories.

How do you write a Leq thesis?

A thesis is simply a historically defensible argument or a stand you take on a particular topic. It should not resemble a sentence from a textbook, but rather explain your point of view and why it matters. USE THE LANGUAGE OF THE PROMPT – Don’t restate the question, just make sure to use the important vocabulary.

What is Leq dB?

Leq : equivalent continuous sound level is the sound level in decibels, having the same total sound energy as the fluctuating level measured. Leq is also known as the time-average sound level (LAT).

What does LAFmax mean?

LAFmax The maximum Sound Level with ‘A’ Frequency weighting and Fast Time weighting during the measurement period. LAFmin The minimum Sound Level measured with ‘A’ frequency weighting and Fast Time weighting during the measurement period.

What does LA90 mean?


It is used to express the background noise level. The background noise is the level which is exceeded for 90% of the time, or put another way, the sound level is only lower than the LA90 for 10% of the time. You could think of the LA90 as a backstop noise level below which the sound rarely goes.

What does LEPD stand for in noise?

The LEP,d is a worker’s daily exposure to noise at work (normalised to an 8 hour day), taking into account the average levels of noise and the time spent in each area.

What does dB mean in vibration?


Decibel (dB) A unit describing the amplitude of sound, equal to 20 times the logarithm to base 10 of the ratio of the pressure of the sound measured to the reference pressure.