What is Section 508? Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act (29 U.S.C. § 794d) requires federal agencies to develop, procure, maintain or use Information and Communications Technology (ICT) that is accessible to people with disabilities – regardless of whether or not they work for the federal government.

How do you know if something is 508 compliant?

There are several ways to validate conformance to the Revised 508 Standards:

  1. Automated – High volume 508 conformance testing tools automatically scan and test electronic content;
  2. Manual – Manual testing uses a documented, consistent, repeatable process;
  3. Hybrid – A combination of automated and manual testing.

Does Section 508 apply to local government?

But, Section 508 applies to the federal government — not state and local government — and their agencies and contractors working on their behalf.

Which four areas must be assessed when converting a site to 508 compliance?

The ADA and Section 508 differ in four main areas: audience, purpose, scope, and penalties.

What makes a document 508 compliant?

The accessibility standards set forth by Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act require electronic document accessibility for everyone, including individuals with disabilities. The most commonly used electronic document format is Adobe PDFs but Section 508 Compliance includes Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, too.

How would one go about testing to see if a website was Section 508 compliant?

If you are a relatively small business, one of the easiest ways to run accessibility checks on your website for Section 508 compliance or 508 conformance, (TPGi accessibility tools test for conformance to WCAG guidelines) is to start with an automated website accessibility testing tool on your website to evaluate the …

How can you tell if colors are ADA compliant?

Compliance Contrast Checker. Our Compliance Contrast Checker helps determine the accessibility of text size, color contrast, and spot checks your visual elements. People who are color blind and have impaired vision can experience sensitivity and often physical pain to certain colors and shades of light.

Does Section 508 apply to the private sector?

Does Section 508 Apply to the Private Sector? The straightforward answer to this question is no. Section 508 applies to federal agencies and doesn’t affect non-federal agencies or websites unless those entities are providing covered services or products to federal agencies.

What is the difference between Section 508 and ADA?

Ultimately, ADA protects the civil rights of persons with disabilities participating in interstate commerce; whereas Section 508 is a set of regulations related to access to Government ICT. 508 compliance provides accessibility for digitally published material within government agencies and entities.

Do government websites have to be accessible?

Though legislation requires federal government websites be accessible to people with disabilities, many are not, which makes it more difficult for certain individuals to obtain government information, access government services, and participate in civic activity.

What is Section 508 and when do we need to pay attention to the guidelines?

Section 508 is part of a 1998 amendment to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. It requires all Federal electronic content to be accessible. The U.S. Access Board is an independent Federal agency which develops and maintains standards that must be met to achieve 508 compliance.

How do you make documents accessible for visually impaired?

In this topic

  1. Best practices for making Word documents accessible.
  2. Check accessibility while you work in Word.
  3. Avoid using tables.
  4. Use built-in headings and styles.
  5. Create paragraph banners.
  6. Add alt text to visuals.
  7. Add accessible hyperlink text and ScreenTips.
  8. Use accessible font format and color.

What are accessible documents?

An accessible document is a document created to be as easily readable by a sighted reader as a low vision or non-sighted reader.

Are Word documents accessible?

How to Check the Accessibility. To make sure that your word document is accessible within Word you need to: Select the “File” tab in the main software ribbon and then select Info. Next, Check for Issues and then Check Accessibility.

What makes a document ADA compliant?

What makes a PDF “ADA Compliant”? Some of the features of an ADA compliant PDF include: Searchable text o Note: PDFs created by scanning may actually be an image and not searchable text. o Alt text is hidden text used to describe an image to one visually impaired.

Are PDF documents accessible?

PDFs can be opened and viewed on any computer, operating system or software application that supports it. Almost all software tools that generate digital files support the PDF format and even allow users to create PDF versions of their files from within their software apps.

Is Word or PDF more accessible?

While PDF has the ability to be completely accessible due to the tag structure, the lack of support on mobile applications is the reason for the recommendations to use Microsoft Word.

What is the most accessible document format?

Adobe PDF

If you provide content in formats such as Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF, that content is more accessible to people with disabilities when it’s provided with semantic structure, including headings, lists and tables.

How do I make a Word document 508 compliant?

The Accessibility Checker can be accessed at DAU with your Word document open, click File from the ribbon, click Info from the drop down menu on the left. Under Inspect Document click the drop down arrow Check for Issues then choose Check Accessibility.

How do you make text accessible?

8. Accessible fonts and styles

  1. Minimum font size 12 (bigger for presentations)
  2. Use non-serif fonts (such as Arial or Helvetica)
  3. Avoid underlining text unless it’s a link.
  4. Avoid italics or all capitals (they’re harder to read if you have dyslexia)
  5. Use bold sparingly: it slows down reading and can look ‘shouty’

What does Alt text mean?

alternative text

Alt text (alternative text) is a word or phrase that can be inserted as an attribute in an HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) document to tell Web site viewers the nature or contents of an image. The alt text appears in a blank box that would normally contain the image.

What is the most accessible font?

One of the most accessible and most widely available fonts is Arial; others include Calibri, Century Gothic, Helvetica, Tahoma and Verdana. All these fonts are “sans serif” fonts.

What is A11y compliance?

Accessibility (often abbreviated to A11y — as in, “a”, then 11 characters, and then “y”) in web development means enabling as many people as possible to use websites, even when those people’s abilities are limited in some way. For many people, technology makes things easier.

What is a11y issue?

Accessibility issues are any barriers that make it difficult or impossible for disabled users to access, navigate or engage with your website content. And to understand how these issues crop up in the first place, you need to know how disabled web users access websites.

What is Aria label?

Definition. aria-label is an attribute defined in the WAI-ARIA(opens in a new tab) specification. This specification extends native HTML, allowing you to change the way an HTML element is “translated” into the accessibility tree. By default, an HTML element will use its text content as the accessibility label.