Sublimation coffee mugs are specialized mugs that are designed for printing and customizing. These are specialty coated mugs that come with a glazed ceramic surface ideal for retaining sublimation ink and prints.

Can you sublimate on regular mugs?

There are many types of ceramic blanks and substrates you can use for sublimation. Keep in mind, you can’t use just any ceramic mug or item. It must be specifically coated with a poly-coating in order for the ink transfer to take place—generally look for something labeled for “sublimation.”

What do I need to do sublimation mugs?

Quote from video: I'm also using a design that I made in Adobe Illustrator but you can use the creative studio software that is free that you get with the Sawgrass printer.

What does sublimation tumbler mean?

A sublimation tumbler is a stainless steel or tumbler made from another material that has been “printed” with a type of ink transfer called sublimation. Sublimation is a chemical process that takes a solid to a gaseous state, skipping the liquid phase.

What can you sublimate on from Dollar Tree?

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Quote from video: Boards. Now again you can also sublimate on the frame. So if you want to get some of these frames i mean these used to be like only at michael's. Like back when i started crafting a lot.

Can you sublimate on Walmart tumblers?

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Quote from video: Together. After i got it taped nice and tight i added some painters tape around it to give it a little bit more. Pressure now i have seen people use painters tape before on tumblers.

Can you sublimate on glass?

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Quote from video: So you definitely want the Nomex pad when you do sublimation on glass. Again. The certain way we layer the press so it's Nomex pad transfer. Then glass on top of the transfer.

How do I get started with sublimation?

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Quote from video: So first of all to get into sublimation. We're going to need something to print so you'll need a sublimation printer.