SpecFlow is a test automation solution for . NET which follows the BDD paradigm, and is part of the Cucumber family. SpecFlow tests are written with Gherkin, using the official Gherkin parser which allows you to write test cases using natural languages and supports over 70 languages.

Is Cucumber and SpecFlow same?

SpecFlow, a.k.a. “Cucumber for . NET,” is a leading BDD test automation framework for . NET. Created by Gáspár Nagy and maintained as a free, open source project on GitHub by TechTalk, SpecFlow presently has almost 3 million total NuGet downloads.

What is SpecFlow in BDD?

SpecFlow is a BDD framework for . NET which boosts your productivity by helping you with writing your feature files and automation code in your favorite IDE using C# and . NET methods.

What is SpecFlow and Gherkin?

SpecFlow tests are written using Gherkin, which allows you to write test cases using natural languages. SpecFlow uses the official Gherkin parser, which supports over 70 languages.

What is meant by SpecFlow?

SpecFlow is an open-source project. The source code is hosted on GitHub. The feature files used by SpecFlow to store an acceptance criterion for features (use cases, user stories) in your application are defined using the Gherkin syntax. The Gherkin format was introduced by Cucumber and is also used by other tools.

What is SpecFlow selenium?

SpecFlow is another tool that can be added on top of Selenium that helps separate out the specific tests from the code into a more human friendly format readable by anyone. It is the . NET version of Cucumber and uses the Gherkin language (given/when/then) to format tests.

How is BDD different from TDD?

TDD is a development practice while BDD is a team methodology. In TDD, the developers write the tests while in BDD the automated specifications are created by users or testers (with developers wiring them to the code under test.) For small, co-located, developer-centric teams, TDD and BDD are effectively the same.

Why should I use SpecFlow?

Tha main benefit of BDD and tools like specflow and Cucumber is communication with the stakeholders of the project and creating a shared understanding of what is to be built. The main benefit of TDD is to take small steps through a solutions implementation, ensuring that you build maintainable and great code.

What is SpecFlow feature file?

What is SpecFlow Feature File? A feature file is an entry point to the SpecFlow test. This is a file where you will describe your tests in Descriptive language (Like English). It is an essential part of SpecFlow, as it serves as an automation test script as well as live documents.

What is SpecFlow background?

A Background allows you to add some context to the scenarios that follow it. It can contain one or more Given steps, which are run before each scenario, but after any Before hooks. A Background is placed before the first Scenario / Example , at the same level of indentation.

What is SpecFlow software testing?

SpecFlow is a testing framework that supports Behaviour Driven Development (BDD). It lets us define application behavior in plain meaningful English text using a simple grammar defined by a language called Gherkin.

What is BDD framework?

BDD framework i.e. Behavior Driven Development is a software development approach that allows the tester/business analyst to create test cases in simple text language (English). The simple language used in the scenarios helps even non-technical team members to understand what is going on in the software project.

How do I create a SpecFlow project?

Create SpecFlow project

  1. 1- Right-click the solution item “Solution ‘SpecFlowCalculator’ (1 of 1 project)” under the Solution Explorer and select the “Add ➡ New Project…” menu item.
  2. 2- Search for “SpecFlow”, select the “SpecFlow Project” template and click Next.
  3. 3- Enter the project name “SpecFlowCalculator.

How do I configure SpecFlow?

Steps to Configure or Set Up SpecFlow

  1. Create a New Project.
  2. Install SpecFlow Visual Studio integration.
  3. Add SpecFlow to the Project Reference.
  4. Add NUnit Test Adapter to the Project Reference.
  5. Add NUnit Framework to the Project Reference.

What is scenario outline in SpecFlow?

Scenario Outline – This is used to run the same scenario for 2 or more different sets of test data. E.g. In our scenario, if you want to register another user you can data drive the same scenario twice. Examples – All scenario outlines have to be followed with the Examples section.

How do I create a new feature in Visual Studio?

Right-click anywhere in the feature file editor window and select Generate Step Definitions, another useful feature that comes with the SpecFlow Visual Studio extension. This will display a window where you can select the steps for which to generate step definition methods, as well as the step definition style.

How do you write a SpecFlow test?

SpecFlow acceptance tests follow the BDD paradigm: define specifications using examples understandable to business users as well as developers and testers.

  1. Installation and Setup. …
  2. Install SpecFlow NuGet.
  3. Install SpecFlow for MSTest NuGet.
  4. Add Feature File.
  5. Create Your Scenarios.

How does SpecFlow integrate with Visual Studio?

or through the Visual Studio extensions:

  1. 1- Open Visual Studio.
  2. 2- Navigate to *Extensions ➡ Manage Extensions ➡ Online* and search for “SpecFlow” in the search bar.
  3. 3- Hit *Download* to begin the installation. You will need to restart Visual Studio for the installation to complete.

How do I run a SpecFlow test in Visual Studio?

In order to execute your SpecFlow tests, you need to define the tests as Gherkin feature files, bind the steps defined in your feature files to your code, and configure a unit test provider to execute the tests. SpecFlow generates executable unit tests from your Gherkin files.

How do I run cucumber feature code in Visual Studio?

Cucumber-Quick is a VSCode extension that helps you to run cucumber scenarios and features directly from VSCode editor. You can simply right-click on any feature file and choose the option from the context menu to run a specific scenario or the whole feature file.

How do I run SpecFlow test in Azure Devops?

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Is SpecFlow runner free?

SpecFlow, SpecFlow for Rider, SpecFlow for Visual Studio are open source on GitHub and free of charge. SpecFlow+ Runner and SpecFlow+ LivingDoc Generator are protected source and free of charge.