The overlay / overlay2 driver performs a copy_up operation to copy the file from the image ( lowerdir ) to the container ( upperdir ). The container then writes the changes to the new copy of the file in the container layer.

What is stored in var lib Docker?

/var/lib/docker/repositories-aufs is a JSON file containing local image information. This can be viewed with the command docker images.

Can I remove var lib Docker?

You can clean what is unused but you should never remove data manually from /var/lib/docker/volumes and/or /var/lib/docker/overlay2. Manually deleting files under /var/lib/docker can result in data loss. Read the Docker command line reference before running any of these commands.

Where is var lib Docker containers on Windows?

The storage location of Docker images and containers

Ubuntu: /var/lib/docker/ Fedora: /var/lib/docker/ Debian: /var/lib/docker/ Windows: C:\ProgramData\DockerDesktop.

Is it safe to delete var lib Docker overlay2?

Docker uses /var/lib/docker to store your images, containers, and local named volumes. Deleting this can result in data loss and possibly stop the engine from running. The overlay2 subdirectory specifically contains the various filesystem layers for images and containers.

How do I free up space on my docker container?

Freeing up extra disk space inside a Docker container

  1. If at all possible, just run Docker with increased disk space. …
  2. See how much space is available inside a vanilla docker container: …
  3. Remove exited container images. …
  4. Remove dangling, unused Docker images. …
  5. Check free space again…