Return type of getWindowHandle() is String while return type of getWindowHandles() is Set<String>. The return type is Set as window handle is always unique. In chrome and Firefox , Each tab in a window will have unique window handles. So getWindowHandles() will return handles for all tabs of a window.

Why does getWindowHandles return set?

Because Sets do not impose an order,* which is important since there is no guaranteed order of the window handles returned. This is because the window handles represent not only tabs but also tabs in other browser windows.

What is the return type of driver get () method in Selenium?

get Browser Method

WebDriver. get(String url): void is the return type which returns no value.

What is the return type of driver?

List<WebElement> multipleEle = driver. findElements(“someID”)); Since findElement() returns a single element so the return type of this method is WebElement while findElements() returns a List of WebElements so the return type of this method is a List<WebElement>.

Does getWindowHandles () method return handles in the same order as windows launch?

Sample program. If you observe output carefully you will find that returned windows handles are not in the same order it was opened. The return type of getWindowHandles() method is a Set that does not maintain insertion order.

What is the return type of getAttribute () and getText ()?

getText() return the visible text of the element. getAttribute(String attrName) returns the value of the attribute passed as parameter.

Which WebDriver method is return RGBA color code?

getCssValue method

We can verify the color of a webelement in Selenium webdriver using the getCssValue method and then pass color as a parameter to it. This returnsthe color in rgba() format.

What is the return type of getTagName () method in Selenium?

a) The getTagName() method takes nothing as a parameter and returns a String value.

What is return type of driver get String URL method in Selenium?

get() method returns void. get() method takes an argument of type String which is a URL. It loads a new web page in the current browser window.

What are the methods of WebDriver?

WebDriver Methods

  • Method Name :- get() Syntax: get(url) …
  • Method Name: getCurrentUrl() Syntax: getCurrentUrl() …
  • Method Name: getTitle() Syntax: getTitle() …
  • Method Name: findElements() Syntax: findElements(By by) …
  • Method Name: findElement() …
  • Method Name: getPageSource() …
  • Method Name: close() …
  • Method Name: quit()

What is returned by driver () Manage ()?

driver. manage() is a method that returns instance of options interface, now the options interface has method window() that returns instance of window interface, this window interface has method maximize() which maximizes the window.

What is the return type of findElements?

The return type of findElements is a list whereas the return type of findElement is a WebElement. If there is no matching element on the page, an exception is thrown by the findElement method. In this scenario, an empty list id returned by the findElements method.

What does WebDriver driver new FireFoxDriver () mean?

WebDriver is an interface that is available in Selenium jar files. driver is webDriver reference variable. New is a keyword, we use to create an instance of the class. And, FireFoxDriver() is a class already existing in Selenium. So, you can import it and start using it for your test.

Which WebDriver interface method returns a String?


It is used to handle single window i.e. main window. It return type is string. It will returns browser windlw handle from focused browser.

What is the difference between driver findElement () and driver findElements () commands?

driver. findElements() is used to find a List of webElements matching the locator passed as parameter. In case the same locator matches multiple webElements then findElement method returns the first web element found. In case of multiple matches the findElements method returns a list of webElements.

What is Upcasting in Selenium?

In simple words, Upcasting means to access the parent class methods but not the child class members. So, when we say, WebDriver driver = new firefox driver(); we are creating an instance of WebDriver interface and casting it to firefox driver class.

What is Upcasting and Downcasting in Selenium?

While Upcasting (i.e. Assigning Sub Class Object reference to Super Class Object reference) can be automatically done by Java. But Downcasting (i.e. Assigning Super Class Object reference to Sub Class Object reference) cannot be done automatically by Java, but we need to do it manually by following the below syntax –

What is Upcasting and Downcasting in Java?

What are Upcasting and Downcasting in Java? Upcasting (Generalization or Widening) is casting to a parent type in simple words casting individual type to one common type is called upcasting while downcasting (specialization or narrowing) is casting to a child type or casting common type to individual type.

What is SearchContext in Selenium WebDriver?

The SearchContext is a topmost interface present in the Selenium WebDriver hierarchy. It has two methods that will be the abstract as SearchContext is an interface. The two methods are the findElement() and findElements(). The findElement() is used to find the first WebElement that matches the current context.

How many methods are there in SearchContext interface?

two methods

SearchContext has only two methods: findElement(By by) findElements(By by)

What are Selenium interface types?

Nested Class Summary

Modifier and Type Interface Description
static interface WebDriver.TargetLocator Used to locate a given frame or window.
static interface WebDriver.Timeouts An interface for managing timeout behavior for WebDriver instances.
static interface WebDriver.Window

What is the use of RemoteWebDriver in Selenium?

Selenium RemoteWebDriver is used to execute the browser automation suite on a remote machine. In other words, RemoteWebDriver is a class that implements the WebDriver interface on the remote server. The browser driver classes like FirefoxDriver, ChromeDriver, InternetExplorerDriver, etc.

What is the difference between WebDriver and RemoteWebDriver Mcq?

Selenium remotewebdriver : Difference between webdriver and remotewebdriver. Selenium WebDriver is a tool used to execute automated test cases on various browsers. The object of the webdriver is a browser. Selenium remotewebdriver implements the webdriver interface to execute test cases.

How do you write Cssselector in Selenium?

Type “css=input[type=’submit’]” (locator value) in Selenium IDE. Click on the Find Button. The “Sign in” button will be highlighted, verifying the locator value. Attribute: Used to create the CSS Selector.