Zerto was founded in 2009 by Ziv Kedem and his brother Oded Kedem. Ziv previously co-founded Kashya, a provider of enterprise-class data replication and data protection software, that was acquired in 2006 by EMC Corporation.

How long has Zerto been around?

Zerto is a storage software vendor that specializes in enterprise-class business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) in virtual and cloud environments. The vendor has dual headquarters located in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Boston. The company was founded in 2010 by storage industry veterans Oded Kedem and Ziv Kedem.

What is Zerto?

The Zerto Platform. Zerto delivers cloud data management and protection with a simple, scalable platform built for virtualized and containerized environments running on-premises or in the cloud.

What is Zerto VMware?

Zerto for VMware replaces legacy array-based replication solutions. It provides the flexibility, scalability, and ease-of-use required in the virtual world—without compromising functionality needed to protect mission-critical applications. Achieve recovery point objectives (RPOs) of seconds with always-on replication.

Is Zerto cloud based?

Zerto | Cloud Data Management and Protection.

How many employees does Zerto?

How much funding does Zerto have? Zerto was raised $163M. How many employees does Zerto have? Zerto has raised 558 employees.

Does Zerto use VSS?

Zerto enables adding checkpoints to the journal that are synchronized with VSS snapshots. To use Zerto with VSS and to ensure application consistency, you must install ZertoVssAgent on every virtual machine that uses VSS, and that you want to protect with Zerto. A proper license is required.

Who uses Zerto?

Zerto has more than 1500​ partners, including Microsoft, IBM, and 350+ global MSPs.

How much money did Zerto raise?

How much funding has Zerto raised to date? Zerto has raised $183M . When was the last funding round for Zerto ? Zerto closed its last funding round on Jun 18, 2020 from a Series F round.

Is Zerto open source?

License to Free Programs

The Zerto Software may include certain software made available under open source licenses (the “Open Source Software”). A list of such Open Source Software in the Zerto software is available at http://publicdocs.zerto.com/open_source.zip.

What makes Zerto different from other products?

Zerto delivers the fastest RPOs and RTOs in the industry at any scale. Greatly simplify your data protection with our software-only, scale-out architecture that doesn’t require any dedicated hardware.

What is Zerto replication?

Zerto Virtual Replication is the industry’s first hypervisor-based replication solution for tier-one applications, replacing traditional array-based BC/DR solutions that were not built to deal with the virtual paradigm. Ziv Kedem, Zerto’s founder and CEO, previously co-founded Kashya, acquired by EMC.

How does Zerto migration work?

With Zerto, the mass data migration is a background task, moving your virtual disks to the target without downtime and next to no impact for your production environment. Zerto even has a bandwidth throttle built in to manage bandwidth use.