Where is collectd data stored?

The collectd config file is usually located at /etc/collectd/collectd. conf (although some distros have it at /etc/collectd. conf ). Open that file in your favorite text editor (you’ll need root privileges), and you’ll find an XML-like format for the configuration with some data (but not all) enclosed in tags.

How do you set up collectd?

Set up an external collectd server

  1. Log into your collectd server.
  2. Create or edit the collectd configuration file to load the network plugin and populate the server and port directives with the proper values. On most distributions, this is located at /etc/collectd/collectd.conf.

What is collectd in Linux?

Collectd, a Unix daemon that collects statistics related to system performance and also provides means for storing the values in different formats like RRD (Round Robin Database) files. The statistics gathered by Collectd help to detect the current performance blocks and predict system load in future.

What is collectd in Splunk?

The Splunk Add-on for Linux depends on data sent from CollectD to the Splunk HTTP Event Collector (HEC) or a TCP input. CollectD is a daemon which includes a rich set of plugins for gathering system and application performance metrics.

How do I find my collected version?

Run collectd/bin/collectdctl It prints out the version. Show activity on this post. Use /usr/bin/collectdctl on RHEL 7 or CentOS. On RHEL 8 you can use collectd -h this will also print the version.

How do I know if collected is running?

Also to confirm that Collectd is running look at a process list or /etc/init. d/collectd status .