Answer. An astable multivibrator is also known as a FREE-RUNNING MULTIVIBRATOR. It is called free-running because it alternates between two different output voltage levels during the time it is on.

Why multivibrator is called multivibrator?

It is called so because here the state changes on its own after some predetermined time interval and thus does not require a triggering pulse. Here, the output of the circuit simply oscillates between high and low state freely. Hence is just an oscillator.

Which oscillator is also called astable multivibrator?

Bistable Multivibrator is also known as Eccles-Jordan Circuit similarly Astable Multivibrator is also known as square wave generator or free-running oscillator. Astable Multivibrators are free-running oscillators which oscillate between two states continuously producing two square wave output waveforms.

What is called multivibrator?

Flips-Flops are synchronous bistable devices, also known as a bistable multivibrator. Synchronous means, output changes states only at a specified point on a triggering input called clock (CLK), which is designated as a control input.

Which circuits are called multivibrators?

A multivibrator circuit is nothing but a switching circuit. It generates non-sinusoidal waves such as Square waves, Rectangular waves and Saw tooth waves etc. Multivibrators are used as frequency generators, frequency dividers and generators of time delays and also as memory elements in computers etc.

What are the main characteristics of astable multivibrator?

It is also called free-running relaxation oscillator. It has no stable state but only two quasi-stable states between which it keeps oscillating continuously of its own accord without any external excitation. When one transistor is in ON state and other remains in OFF state.

Why monostable multivibrator is also called as delay circuit?

Monostable multivibrators can therefore be considered as triggered pulse generators and are generally used to produce a time delay within a circuit as the frequency of the output signal is the same as that for the trigger pulse input the only difference being the pulse width.

What is the difference between an astable multivibrator and monostable multivibrator?

What is the difference between an astable multivibrator and a monostable multivibrator? The monostable is free running. The astable is free running.

Why diode is used in astable multivibrator?

The improvement in the waveform is achieved by using a diode pair in each collector branch of the transistors. This restricts the direction of current flow for the charging and discharging of the timing capacitors.

What is the difference between an astable multivibrator and a monostable multivibrator Mcq?

Explanation: Since, astable multivibrator is unstable and changes their states continually (It means that it can have both the states), whereas in monostable multivibrator, one of the states is stable, but the other state is unstable.

Which is the true for Astable multivibrator?

Explanation: An astable multivibrator is one which does not have any stable state. It has two quasi-stable output states which keep toggling at regular intervals. The output waveform is thus a square wave and this circuit is also called a square wave generator or a free running oscillator.

How many stable states are there in Astable multivibrator?

The basic difference among the types of multivibrator is the number of stable states associated with each type. The bistable has two stable states, the monostable has one stable state (and one quasi-stable state), and the astable has no stable states (two quasi-stable states).